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0005267ScribusShape Drawingpublic2018-03-26 13:00
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Summary0005267: define tints as separate colors
DescriptionUsing spot color tints, in different parts of a document, would'nt it be nice to be able to register a specific tint as a separate color.
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has duplicate 0009153 closedjghali add a tint option in Edit color window 
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2007-01-29 19:10

administrator   ~0015035

Can you explain?


2007-01-29 21:40

reporter   ~0015040

Scenario: I want to use one spot color in two variants: a=100%, b=40% shade. I use a and b in different locations in the document. a and b are in fact used as different "colors".

Plus: If suddenly I want to change b to 60% shade, I prefer changing one color definition to changing shade settings on different objects.


2007-01-29 22:17

administrator   ~0015044

But this wouldn't be restricted to spot colours, wouldn't it? As I understand it, you would like to be able to clone a colour (feature 1) and to adjust the shade in the colour settings (feature 2).



2007-01-29 23:00

reporter   ~0015045

In terms of need, it's primarily spot color; as lighter tints of cmyk colors can already be defined with different cmyk value, no?

In a more generalized manner, sure, it would be nice to include "shade" as a parameter for all swatches (while keeping spot colors on their film! Meaning different swatches are one spot color...)

In a most generalized manner, that would mean, that swatch definitions are not limited to CMYK; but a "shade" of CMYK plus spot colors.

Please excuse my sub-par knowledge.


2009-07-14 14:14

developer   ~0022182

From what I understand I think this could be better handled into stylesheets attributes than with a specific color made like described. In the end, we can’t have a color and a tint of that color on distinct plates.


2018-03-26 13:00

reporter   ~0045102

Let me say that I miss that feature since I started using Scribus. I don't know when Adobe enabled it in their software but at least in CS2. You can add normal swatches and you can add mixed color swatches and groups. As of version CS2 Adobe limits mixed colors to at least one spot color (ink) und two process color inks. Groupes are limited to 1000 swatches per group. So if you have added one spot color swatch the function is enabled. That includes process colors defined as spot color swatches. So it goes with process colors as well. The main purpose is to add one process color to a spot color like black to an Pantone or HKS color. But if you need it you can tint, shade and mix every color you're think of. The easiest case is to tint a specific color from white to black with 12 steps or yellow to red with 5 steps. In the example images below I had a blue tinted from white in 10 steps and added to each of them black from 0% to 100% in 10 steps. So I got 121 colors in one go in seconds created. The example was just for fun without any use. But this function can be very useful in some cases.
But there is a problem to mention: By using process colors it would be problematic if the mixed color is out of range. You can mix 80% cyan with 20% cyan to get 100% but you can't mix 100% and 50% to get 150%. There must be a limitation when colors are merged to a new one.
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