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0005306ScribusGeneralpublic2007-02-18 00:17
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Summary0005306: UnlockLock Password
DescriptionLets make possibility to setup UnLock Password for unlocking objects.
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related to 0001925 acknowledged Multiple users sharing one open document 



2007-02-06 09:08

developer   ~0015114

what should that be good for?


2007-02-06 09:43

administrator   ~0015115

Multiple user locking.. not that it will be hard to change the password tho.


2007-02-06 11:59

reporter   ~0015117

If we have many users, that work on one issue of magazine or newspaper (for example)... I would be happy to allow some actions only for priviledge users.

I gonna make a plugin(in phyton), that will setup password for UnLocking objects automatically, based on current user rights.

All user rights are stored on our server.

Scribus documents will be synchronised with the server-database.
So locking-unlocking will be done programmatically.

So.. "unlock password" would be cool feature for us.

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