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0005320ScribusStylespublic2020-11-20 08:12
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PlatformLinuxOSSuse 10.1OS Version1.3.3.6
Product Version1.3.3.7 
Summary0005320: Copy/Paste between docs may create unneccessary line styles
DescriptionI don't know how it will work in 1.3.4, so maybe this is unuseful. But I've to say that when you import a page, or just make a ctrl+C/ctrl+V of frames from another document, it import the line styles, naming it "Copy of style_name".
As we do make many import, it makes some very big files. So I have to open the file in a text editor and delete all unuseful styles. For example, my file was 8,7 Mo, and went to 1,6 Mo...

So my question is: would it be possible that if the style already exists in final document, Scribus looks if it's the same style, and then DO NOT import a "Copy of" because it already exists?
Am I clear?
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2007-02-10 00:13

administrator   ~0015186

Normally it should recognize if two styles are identical and then not import a copy.

Do you want that behaviour even if old and imported style have different names?


2007-02-10 00:54

administrator   ~0015188

Different names means different style, a user might change one expecting to only change one part of a doc


2007-02-12 10:25

reporter   ~0015218

Last edited: 2007-02-12 10:32

Look an example of a line:

  <MultiLine Name="Copie =||11 deCopie =||3 deCopie =||1 de1 noir" >
   <SubLine Dash="1" Width="1" LineJoin="0" Shade="100" LineEnd="0" Color="Black" />

And I've plenty of that. That's mean that it doesn't recognize it'a an identical style, but create a "copy of".

[Note: I've replaced the iso 035 (dièse in french) by =|| ]


2007-04-23 20:14

administrator   ~0015976

Not for 1.3.4. Involves too many small changes at this last stage.


2007-05-08 17:08

administrator   ~0016125

Last edited: 2007-05-08 17:20

I committed a patch to 13310 cvs. That should fix the issue on page import and maybe on copy/paste. Please test.


2007-05-09 14:55

reporter   ~0016131

En fait, quand on copie un cadre, il copie TOUS les styles de filets du document dans lequel se trouve les filets.

Ex. J'ai un doc avec Style1, Style2, Style3; si je copie un cadre venant de ce document dans un document où il y a déjà Style1, Style2, Style3, j'aurais en plus Copie 1 de Style1, Copie 2 de Style2, etc.

Et si je copie un cadre venant d'un autre document ayant les mêmes styles, j'aurais Copie 2 de Style1, etc.

Voilà pourquoi on se retrouve avec des listes interminables de styles de filets (puisqu'on passe notre temps à copier des cadres d'un doc dans l'autre).

Et donc ce n'est pas résolu dans la


2007-05-09 22:14

administrator   ~0016137

i cannot replicate with a new doc, can you provide me a sample doc showing the issue with so i can refine my patch?


2007-05-10 22:45

administrator   ~0016146

Last edited: 2016-04-14 21:12

I have applied the patch in 134cvs now, not fully testable tho due to 0005654

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