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0012629ScribusGeneralpublic2016-04-04 01:33
ReporterThomaxz2 Assigned To 
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PlatformPC 64 bitOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version1.4.4 
Summary0012629: Copy/Paste will import a bunch of XML when pasting in to Scribus from certain sources
DescriptionWhen a block, text or image is copied and pasted in another program, only an bunch of xml is result not the image itself og the text itself.
Steps To ReproduceSelect an image og and text, use the menus to copy and paste
Additional InformationI can't copy, but realy i missing the feature of export to a document format (odt or doc/docx)
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related to 0010634 new Pasting text applies style to destination paragraph 
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2014-08-22 08:03

manager   ~0033317


getting copy paste of rich content to work correctly on multiple platforms is not a trivial task at all!

but i agree that having no way of getting rich text out of scribus is a pain... let's hope it will be solved very soon (at least for 1.5svn)
(i'm working on a solution... but days have only 24 hours and i need some rest from time to time...)



2014-08-23 13:07

updater   ~0033326

This issue needs a better summary and linked to related issues.


2014-08-30 01:41

updater   ~0033374

Thomaxz2, please give more info
Help us understand more about your workflow.
1) Upload the original content that you copy/pasted from
2) Upload the .SLA file you copy/pasted in to


2014-08-30 06:00

administrator   ~0033377

As to ale's claim that "copy paste of rich content to work correctly on multiple platforms is not a trivial task at all", the simple answer, at least regarding text, is: Wrong. It's astonishingly easy. Scribus simply needs to support a small subset of RTF (a published MS spec), as well as a subset of HTML (which it already does). RTF is being used as a clipboard format on all Scribus-supported platforms (try to copy/paste formatted text between LibreOffice and AbiWord on Linux or *BSD -- it works because both can read the RTF clipboard format).

However, Scribus should at least offer an option to resort to plain text, if neither RTF nor HTML are available as clipboard formats, which would include stripping off all tags.


2014-08-30 06:45

manager   ~0033378

Christoph, you're welcome to implement this trivial feature :-)

For what it's worth, most of the programs on my home computer cannot deal correctly with the most trivial X11 copy-paste...

All in all: while copy paste looks like a trivial feature, that is available everywhere, it's not easy to get it right.

For getting a sense of this, you can have a look at one of the many js editors available: the result you get is mostly a mess of tags.

The problem is to make sense of what an unknown source provides and transform it in a clean and reliable text in scribus.

It's no very hard task, that's for sure, but not a trivial one either!


2014-08-30 19:34

administrator   ~0033379

My comment referred to the complexity in terms of multi-platform comatibility, which doesn't exist as long as we're dealing with text: RTF, HTML, plain text is all that's needed on all platforms. Graphics is an entirely different beast and an ugly mess, though.

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