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0009812ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-04-14 21:09
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PlatformUbuntu 10.10 MaverickOSUbuntuOS Version10.10 Maverick
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0009812: Font sizes get messed up on copy/paste
DescriptionDepending on how you make a selection in story editor, the font size information of the copied text sometimes gets destroyed when the text gets pasted (both the copied and pasted versions get messed up)
Steps To Reproduce-==[ General Steps - not tried ]==-
1) Create a document, a text frame with three lines of text, and two styles with visibly different font sizes.
2) Style the first two lines of text with one style, and the last line of text with the other.
3) Use SHIFT+arrows to select first two lines of text so the cursor ends on the beginning of the third line (i.e. the selection is done by holding SHIFT and pressing down arrow twice).
4) Copy and paste this text below whatever you already had (might have to press ENTER).
5). Update the text frame, and you should see that the first two lines of text, as well as what you pasted now acquired the font size of the third line of text.

-==[ Steps Using Attached Scribus File ]==-
1) Open attached file and open story editor on the text frame you see.
2) Position cursor to the beginning of line 4 (the "Otoscope.." line with Product - Description style)
3) Hold SHIFT and press down arrow key three times to select the three lines of text and the cursor ending up at the beginning of line with style "Spacer"
4) Press CTRL+C to copy
5) Press down arrow once to clear selection and move down
6) Press CTRL+V to paste
7) Press CTRL+W to save changes and close story editor
8) The bug should be apparent, the lines that were in use during copy/paste are now of small font size (the font size of the "Spacer" style).
Additional InformationIf the cursor is placed at the end of the last line being copied instead of the beginning of the next line, the bug doesn't seem to happen.
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2011-03-07 15:34


bug-example.sla (17,099 bytes)


2011-05-29 12:27

reporter   ~0026283

scribus clearly needs two things existing alongside:

a) paste, where the original style is attempted to be preserved
b) paste as plain text (or whatever title), where the surrounding style is used


2011-05-31 21:30

manager   ~0026292

the answer is always the same: the story editor needs to be rewritten!

but the idea of paste and "paste without formatting" (as -- i think -- thunderbird calls it) is good... most of all when copying from external formatted sources (web browser!)

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