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0005356ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-05-03 12:18
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Summary0005356: additional ways to set relative text size properties
DescriptionCurrently baseline offset, scaling, tracking, and line widths for underline, etc. are percentages (of what I don't even know in the latter case). It would be nice to allow absolute values as well.

Also, for baseline height offset, I'd find it much more useful for the percentage mode to be relative to line height than font size, as it seems to be now. (I want the same offset for multiple sizes of text aligned to the baseline grid in different places; currently I have to calculate and set the correct percentage depending on font size.) Maybe both options could be supported?


related to 0008826 new Being able to scale object or group of objects to a desired percentage 
related to 0008828 new correctly parse % when doing calculations with measurements 
related to 0001060 confirmed Permit negative degrees in Rotation field within Properties > X,Y,Z tab (example: -30 degrees instead of 330 degrees) 



2007-04-04 21:10

reporter   ~0015741

See document from 0005522; I have a bunch of paragraph styles there with different font sizes using different baseline offsets to achieve the same absolute offset from the baseline grid to do precise positioning in a chart. I wanted a percentage offset from the linespacing (baseline grid).

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