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0005397ScribusPDFpublic2007-11-28 20:05
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Platformamd x86OSWindowsOS VersionWindows XP SP2
Product Version1.3.3.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Summary0005397: data disappears in form field when tabbed to next field
Descriptionthe last time i reported this issue i was using windows 2000 and the pdf crashed the program. i noticed this event at that time on windows xp. one of the developers noticed that the pdf i sent in (ver opened in acrobat 8, but would not allow you to type in text. i was told the issue was resolved.

the problem i had, before going back to version, was i could enter data into the form field, but when i tabbed to the next field, the data disappeared. if i clicked on that field again, the data was there, but when i tabbed to the next field again, the data would disappear.

i am using the full version of acrobat 5.0.5. i cannot afford to up grade, but i have no problem with version of scribus.

what happened? everything changed in version and i haven't been able to use any version higher than with acrobat 5.

if you are not going to support acrobat 5, i accept your decision and will stay with; but i kinda feel cheated not being able to have the improvements.

i'm sorry to keep bringing this issue up, but i like scribus and would like the full experience, if you know what i mean.
Steps To Reproduceexport .sla file to pdf in screen/web, compression:zip, color profile:srgb iec61966-2.1.

open pdf and type in field then tab.
Additional Informationthis file crashed acrobat 5.0.5 in windows 2000. if you want the .sla let me know.
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2007-02-27 07:06


adg-receipt.pdf (90,935 bytes)


2007-02-27 08:43

administrator   ~0015405

Have just tested your PDF in Acrobat Reader 7 + 5
Acrobat 7 works perfectly.
Acrobat 5 behaves weired, text field contents are disappearing after hitting Tab.
When i open the pdf with an hex editor and wipe out the (required) DA tag of the
textfield it works as expected ????


2007-02-27 18:14

developer   ~0015412

Last edited: 2007-02-27 18:31

Dwain, don't feel cheated:) Judging by your related email, you're tied to Acrobat 5 (full version) solely due to it's capability of saving forms with form data. If yes, there is possibly a cure for you, namely Cabaret Stage 2.1 (commercial, free for personal usage). It's a Java application which allows to save PDF forms with included data. It's finally usable with Scribus forms after some initial teething problems, but thanks to fschmid and the cabaret guys they are over now, as far as I can tell. And surprise, your PDF form adg_receipt.pdf works very well with Cabaret, meaning I was able to fill and save it with data in Cabaret, and reopen it with data in Acrobat Reader 7.08.

I'd suggest, just give it a go:

Just in case: if cabaret suits your taste and you encounter any troubles with
Scribus pdf forms, just report them to their bug tracker: -- the cabaret devs are highly responsive and removed 2 scribus forms's related bugs I'd reported to them very quickly. Don't forget to drop them a line they should go GPL:)

2007-02-27 18:23


adg-receipt_with_data_saved_with_cabaret.pdf (88,966 bytes)

2007-02-27 18:26



2007-02-27 18:29

developer   ~0015413

Dwain: see also 2 files I've just attached

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