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0005433ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2010-02-14 21:38
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Summary0005433: graphics: more fitting options
Descriptionnow there is only "fit to frame" (proportionally or not) option for graphics. it would be great to have more options:
- center content in frame (auto horiz./vert. depending on graphics and frame sizes);
- fit frame to content (make it bigger or smaller depending on graphic size).

it should be also possible to combine some options, for example: fit content to frame proportionally + center content in frame; fit content to frame proportionally + fit frame to content
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2007-03-09 17:45

administrator   ~0015509

The second proposal is already possible via context menu.


2007-03-12 10:02


Last edited: 2007-03-12 10:05

yes, i found it on friday ;)
but options are in different places, and they should be grouped - on pallette and in menu (as submenu for example):

fitting > picture to frame
          picture to frame proportionally
          frame to picture
          center in frame


2010-02-14 21:38

reporter   ~0023275

One other option that should be in there is "Fill Frame" - basically keep the aspect ratio correct, but scale the image so that it completely fills the image frame. Currently "Fit to Frame" leaves part of the frame empty, and if you uncheck the "keep proportions" it distorts the image.

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