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0005461ScribusUsabilitypublic2008-02-06 01:23
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Product Version1.3.3.8 
Summary0005461: Request for feature: "send to level"

When dealing with items on many different levels (not layers), I sometimes have to take a note of the exact level number of another item in order to know exactly where the item should go.
Using layers to reduce the number of levels per layer would affect final layout and is not suitable most of the time.

From the properties panel, I then have to go up/down but I was wondering if there could be a similar possibility as with layers, basically the possibility to "send" an item (image frame, text frame, whatever) to a specific level by choosing it. In the case of levels it would obviously be a number, scroll down, up, or typed.

I was wondering if this feature, which does not seem like a major difficulty but a great improvement in use is considered for future versions?

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