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0005463ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2007-04-06 20:02
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version6.10
Product Version1.3.3.8 
Summary0005463: Scaling images proportionally with CTRL doesn't work properly
DescriptionWhen I scale images dragging right down corner of it with CTRL button the frame of the image is proportional to the image size but when I try to end the scaling the right corner of the frame moves to the point where my mouse pointer is, and in the end the frame is not proportional in size to the image size.
Also many times when I drag the corner (or other of the red rectangles of the selected frame) the frame is not scaling but moving.

(sorry for my English)
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2007-03-18 22:46

viewer   ~0015559

cannot replicate here with on Suse or Win32. Please check the mouse grab settings in the preferences. Mine are set to 4 points and it works perfectly here.


2007-03-19 12:18

viewer   ~0015568

also tested on OSX - I cannot replicate. You can also try to rename .scribus in your home directory and let Scribus re-create the default preferences.


2007-03-19 16:30

reporter   ~0015570

Last edited: 2007-03-19 16:33

I have a square frame with an image inside. I drag the right-down corner with CTRL and when I scale down the frame I have rectangle (thin) not a square. The height is greater than the width. There are also other strange things happening with the width to height proportion when I drag this corner on many ways.
I'll try to remove .scribus and try that again later (don't have time now). And I'll try to provide some screenshots then.


2007-03-23 01:02

reporter   ~0015593

This looks like it could be 0002980.


2007-03-25 12:44

reporter   ~0015615

Last edited: 2007-03-25 12:46

Bug 0002980 is another issue, I'm scaling using the "working" bottom right handle.
It's strange but sometimes I couldn't reproduce the bug. I observed that:
- Proportional scaling sometimes work as I described in the first post: when I drag the handle (holding left mouse button and CTRL key) the proportions of an image frame are OK, but when I stop holding left mouse button (still holding CTRL key) the bottom right corner is moved to the actual mouse position. I was draging image frame over another frame (with text). The image was inserted to the document using drag&drop from Krusader, I set the image to scale proportionally to the frame size.
- When during draging the handle the border of the frame is snapped to the margins, the proportions are disturbed a little (not much) by the snap.
- Sometimes when I drag the handle to the far left (so x2<x1) the scaling is ignoring the CTRL key (and the proportions of course) as long as I move mouse on the left side of the frame.
- When I inserted new square image (drag&drop from krusader) and tried to scale it with CTRL key, the proporions changed to that of rectangle (with width<height).


2007-04-06 15:18

developer   ~0015759

I can't replicate it either on Kubuntu 6.06 with the current Scribus, but it doesn't necessarily mean, you are not right, since you are rather a power user of Scribus:) Could you record a short video of this behaviour and upload it here? Try istanbul:

sudo apt-get install istanbul

or one of these two recorders:

btw, your bug reports are very much appreciated.


2007-04-06 17:16

reporter   ~0015761

Last edited: 2007-04-06 17:20

OK. I know when it happens.
Steps to Reproduce (in 1.3.4CVS build in February):
1. Create new document.
2. Create some text or graphic frame.
3. Turn ON in Menu: Page / Snap to Guides.
4. Try to scale the frame with CTRL. When it get close to the guides it starts to act as I described earlier.

If you still couldn't reproduce, I'll make the video.


2007-04-06 19:18

administrator   ~0015764

just a test email msg. please ignore


2007-04-06 20:00

developer   ~0015766

confirming with the current on Linux -- it can be reproduced exactly as described in the last note by Magnes, even if there are no guides at all.

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