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Summary0005503: Remove dividers between quotation marks entries
DescriptionIn the current Insert > Quote dialog, the dividers between the entries are based on English typography. Thus, they should be removed, because other national typographical traditions require different descriptions, and the dividers may cause unnecessary confusion.
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2007-03-30 06:07

administrator   ~0015680

They divide by type of quote, eg double, single, guillemet, not by usage.


2007-03-30 15:30

administrator   ~0015685

cbradney: They divide by usage from an english perspective. In other languages things look differently. I didn't suggest to remove the divider between 66, 99 etc types of quotes and guillemets, but the two between "Double Right"/"Low Single Comma" and "Low Double Comma"/"Single Reversed".


2007-03-30 22:25

administrator   ~0015687

Actually, you might believe this, but this is not the case.
They are divided as follows:
-straight quotes
-upper quotes
-lower quotes
-reversed quotes
-guillemet quotes
-cjk quotes
There is no language specific orientation at all.


2007-03-30 22:39

administrator   ~0015688

cbradney: if translated to another language, this looks weird, believe me.

Single Left
Single Right
Double Left
Double Right
Low Single Comma
Low Double Comma

Looks reasonable.

German, Russian, Croatian ...

Single Right
Single Right (English)
Double Right
Double Right (English)
Single Left
Double Left

Looks not so reasonable. It was prokoudine on irc who stumbled across the issue, and I believe he's right.


2007-03-30 22:42

administrator   ~0015689

Reminder sent to: prokoudine


2007-03-30 22:54

administrator   ~0015690

Looks fine to me.. now its left vs right.


2007-03-30 23:07

administrator   ~0015691


Single Left
Single Right (German)
Double Left
Double Right (German)
Single Right
Double Right


2007-03-31 10:21

reporter   ~0015693

As far as I understand, the quotes are grouped first after their *form*, then according to the *placement* of the signs, from top to bottom.

The menue is:
1* Apostrophs (single and double) --> on the top
2* English quotes (left and right, single and double) --> on the top.
3* Commas/quotes below the signs --> below
4* Reversed english quotes (single and double) -> on the top
5* Guillame/french quotes (single and doble) -> in the middle
6*The the cjk's ...

This is understandable:
1--4 are comma-like, the others not.
1--4 are order after single/doble and top-to-bottom. Only 3 does not follow the from-top-to bottom order (according to form, not function).

BTW: It would have been easier it the signes themselves could have been included behind the name so the people not familiar with the (translated) names on a glance could see wich one they want.


2007-03-31 13:28

administrator   ~0015694

I have now swapped reversed and lower as per Axelb's note.


2007-04-01 01:10

administrator   ~0015698

cbradney: what do you think of removing the first 2 entries from the "Quotes" menu?

1. The apostrophe isn't a typographical apostrophe, but a typewriter apostrophe.

2. Straight Double means inch (most of the time)

3. Both characters can be easily inserted with the keyboard.


2007-04-01 08:03

reporter   ~0015699

Last edited: 2007-04-01 09:19

christoph_s: Actually, I was asking myself the same question. I was expecting a real, typographic apostroph, and was surprised to see the normal inch sign and the typewriter apostrophe. Perhaps we need to remove them, but then perhaps make other changes too. Either:

1) Rename the
«single quote right» [english type]
to read
«Single quote right / apostroph»?
A bit long perhaps, so another solution would be

2) to put the typographical apostroph a second time at the top instead of the present two not very needed signs.

Perhaps removing and 1) would be for the best?

Thinking more about it: Why do we have apostrophs in the quotes menue in the first place? Does anyone use them as quotes typographically? When we are talking about the typographical apostroph, yes, but the ones provided ...?

3) A third soultion would be to move the apostroph into the menue "signs" instead ...

What do you think?


2016-03-22 23:55

updater   ~0039345

Adding to 1.6 milestone

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