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0005532ScribusPDFpublic2014-07-16 23:46
ReporterMagnes Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version6.10
Product Version1.3.3.8 
Summary0005532: Exporting to PDF aborted when wrong path
DescriptionWhen exporting to PDF in the "Save as PDF" dialog there is last used filename in the edit box. If that path doesn't exists anymore Scribus will tell me that when I hit "Save", but instead of reverting back to the "Save as PDF" dialog it aborts the export and my settings are lost. It's minor but it's a little annoying.

(sorry for my English)
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2007-04-06 07:10

reporter   ~0015752

Also - I don't know why - the path in the edit box is old, it's not updated after my last exports.


2007-04-06 13:33

developer   ~0015755

confirming with, it's an usability issue too


2014-07-16 23:46

updater   ~0032796

Fixed. A dIalog box is triggered offering an OK/Cancel option. Closing issue

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