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0005548ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2007-04-17 13:47
ReporterArthurx Assigned To 
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PlatformWindows XP 
Product Version1.3.3.8 
Summary0005548: In a large project images do not display or print another time when the document is opened again
DescriptionI'm working on an art book, which includes a large number of high resolution tif png or jpg images. (200 images of 5 til 30 MB)
When I start scribus again some images don't display but it shows the rectangular image holder and the info tag names the unseen image.

Maybe it has to do with these other bug reports.

      Image export only takes into account Document Setup dimensions ie first page
Import / Export - 07-Mar-02 22:24
 A image is broken (striped) when downsampling transparent tif (pdf export)
Import / Export - 07-Mar-01 15:40
I have the stripes now also if I make new document
Steps To ReproduceIt's a large document I have not made it again (120 pages)
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2007-04-17 13:47

reporter   ~0015930

When I split the document in chapters of about 20 pages it all works OK.
I have 1Gb ram. It seems a problem with working with very big documents(Images).
Greetings Arthur.

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