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0000555ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-04-11 18:58
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Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0000555: rotating objects without rotate-cursor
Descriptionselecting an object, select rotate from the toolbar, the possibily rotating points should be the corners and the middle-point (all red boxes)
but at the moment, not always the right cursor is shown and when taking a point between two boxes, rotating is sometimes random (?) or difficult


related to 0003171 acknowledged Metabug: Selection improvements 
child of 0002407 acknowledged Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors 



2005-06-15 11:58

reporter   ~0005044

Hi Jo-Hanes

Seems this bug has languished for a while :S

Still seeing this in 1.2.2cvs/1.3cvs?


2005-08-09 16:09

developer   ~0005984

yes. im thinking of a corel draw or indesign style rotating function: either activating the rotation mode after clicking an object twice (no doubleclick) or entering rotation mode with a keyboard shortcut.

nevertheless, rotation should be limited to either the basepoint set on the page palette or/and the four red corner points.

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