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0005620ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2007-05-03 00:36
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Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0005620: Style-pop-up selects wrong style
DescriptionIf I have two paragraphs in the SE and assign style A to the first one and style B to the second, they are shown in the left pane, separated by a line.

If the cursor in in the first paragraph, but I right-click the second paragraph's style-pane area, the pop-up has selected style A instead of the area's style I clicked on.
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2007-05-02 19:06

administrator   ~0016078

I think you will find that its always showing the first one in the list.


2007-05-02 20:18

reporter   ~0016081

No, it selects the style of the paragraph the cursor is in.


2007-05-03 00:36

reporter   ~0016088

I think this works ok in 1.3.3.x except for the case of an empty paragraph, where it shows the first in the list ("No Style"). (See 0005600.)

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