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0005748ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-05-29 16:01
Reporterdavid Assigned Tonitramr  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
OSwindowsOS VersionXP 
Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Target Version1.7.0 
Summary0005748: Some issues with Arrange Pages tab.
Description1. When moving a page you can't scroll the Document Page window at the same time so in longer documents you have to drag, drop, drag, drop until you get the page to where you want it to be.
Having the window scroll as you drag the page to the top or bottom of it would be great.

2. After you've performed an action on a page, like move it or apply a master page, the document page list jumps to the top of the list.
Having it stay focused on the page you performed the action on would be swell.

3. It is quite hard to find the pages you're looking for in the document without clicking on them, this slows down the editing process.
Being able to have custom names of the pages would help. Another solution could be small thumbnail views of the pages.



2011-08-16 00:16

reporter   ~0026721

Would be nice to be able to select a multiple pages at the same time, or a menu function that says move to behind page x. Thanks.


2011-08-16 06:45

manager   ~0026725

you can move a group of pages with "page > move..."

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