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Summary0000575: Editing multiple (text) frames sometimes works sometimes doesn't
DescriptionI was playing around with many 30+ text frames and had some problems trying to set some of their properties at once by selecting them all and then changing a property in properties palette.

With multiple text frames selected I was able to change the font used but not the font size, then again I could change the font width, kerning and line spacing.
I had no problems underline, make sub/super script, small caps, strike out and outline text but I was not able to make all selected text frames to have reversed writing.
I had no luck with aligning texts in those text frames. Changing align properties only changes them for one text frame.
Selecting Style and Language only effects on one of the selected frames.

It would be nice to have these all property changes on every selected frame. And it would be nice if for example there were an image frame and a text frame selected that only those properties they share were enabled in the properties palette.
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related to 0001268 confirmed not all properties are applied if more than one object of the same type is selected 
related to 0003171 acknowledged Metabug: Selection improvements 



2005-01-07 18:51

reporter   ~0003393

i noticed this as well, in particular the styles would be useful, since many of the other features could be set via the style...


2006-01-28 00:46

developer   ~0008416

confirmed on cvs from Jan 26th. some properties work, some not. even with 2 text frames.


2006-04-28 20:50

administrator   ~0010611

I'm for closing this one. I've retested them all and the only two that do not work are reversed text and the language setting. This will all get changed AFAIK with the new text system, and the rest work anyway.


2006-04-28 20:50

administrator   ~0010612

Reminder sent to: avox

Please see last comment


2012-07-05 16:09

manager   ~0028370

currently, in 1.5svn you can't even select the text tab of the PP when multiple text frame are selected...

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