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0005750ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-07-08 19:02
Reporteralexandre Assigned Toavox  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.4 milestone 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0005750: Break text by unlinking text frames
DescriptionScribus should be able to

1) unlink text frames in such a way that text will stay in the unlinked frames

2) convert a text frame taht has columns into several smaller text frame, where each new frame represents an ex-column, while text is unlinked too.
Additional InformationSounds like a job best done with Python scripts :)
Tagslinked frames


has duplicate 0008847 closedjghali [feature request] unlinking text frames with text slicing 
has duplicate 0010873 closedjghali Unlink with cut of the whole chain of linked frames 



2007-05-24 18:03

administrator   ~0016303

1) is implelemented in 1.3.4, please test


2015-04-29 01:55

updater   ~0034985

This is not implemented AFAICT. Moved to 'Future Release'


2015-04-29 15:17

updater   ~0034994

04-29-2015 avox on IRC: "...must be a regression. I'm sure I implemented it in 1.3.4"


2015-04-29 15:45

updater   ~0034995

Correction, it is implemented but hidden. I really am urging to add this in to the context menu. I had no clue it was in:
Item > Text Frame Links > Unlink Text Frame with Text Cut


2015-04-30 00:52

updater   ~0034996

Last edited: 2015-05-01 00:50

So to recap,
1) unlink text frames in such a way that text will stay in the unlinked frames

Scribus already does this but it's hidden :(

2) convert a text frame taht has columns into several smaller text frame, where each new frame represents an ex-column, while text is unlinked too.

Not sure # 2 is implemented.


2015-04-30 06:24

manager   ~0034999

imo, 2 is not really useful.

if you want two frames instead of two columns in a frame, you should first create guides for placing your frames.

once you have them, it's trivial to resize the original frame, press n, click inside the empty "guides column".

i don't see why the two columns should then be unlinked... but having a better accessibility to the unlink with cut tool (and, please, again: remove unlink with copy: it's pointless!) will solve that, too.

we should also should make sure that the above workflow can be (partially) automated through scripting.


2015-05-01 00:55

updater   ~0035002

Last edited: 2015-05-01 00:56

Craig, as per our conversation on IRC:

<MrB> no... context menu is for things that get used regularly.. that is unlikely to be used by most people
<Kunda> MrB, can there be like a special context menu triggered when someone is working in a linked text frame ?
<MrB> Kunda: yes
<Kunda> what are those type of context menus called ?
<MrB> context menus :)

If one is working within a linked text frame then in that context it merits a place in that unique context menu. Any other time it doesn't based on your opinion. That seems fair to me.


2016-05-06 19:21

developer   ~0040851

I agree that "unlink with text cut" should appear in the context menu for linked text frames.

And i've never used nor wished to use the "unlink with text copy". IMO That latter option should disappear.


2017-07-08 14:29

reporter   ~0044145

Can be closed, (1) was already implemented (under the name unlink frames and cut text), while (2) is not going to happen based on discussion.


2017-07-08 19:02

administrator   ~0044150

Ok, closing then.

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