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0005802ScribusScripterpublic2014-07-25 08:36
ReporterCedricD Assigned Tojainbasil  
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Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Summary0005802: Two more script command would be nice : getObjectType and getTextAlignement
DescriptiongetObjectType(n) to know the type of one object n without the need to query all by getPageItems command.

getTextAlignement would be the mirror of setTextAlignement as all other text specification have their function and only this one is missing.
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2007-06-01 10:07

reporter   ~0016386

getStyle would also be very welcome to know the style applied to one object (Opposite commande of setStyle)


2007-06-01 17:03

reporter   ~0016390

and finally a
setObjectName to change the name of object is also a basic missing.

I promiss this is last of list... :)


2013-08-08 16:14

reporter   ~0030511

getObjectType(n) is now implemented and fully functional (1.4.1 svn)


2014-07-25 02:58

updater   ~0032979

Reminder sent to: ale, gpittman

Guys, what do we do with this issue?


2014-07-25 08:36

manager   ~0032988

split it :-)

as usual, i'm currently for removing rather than adding...

so, instead of adding setObjectName() we should in the long term remove any way of seeing and chagning the items names. (except in the scripter, you should of course be able to get an handle to the item! and, of course one should be able to get the id for the current item in the gui and use it in a script!)

we should have unique ids for everything in scribus, instead of ids with a pseudo meaning. this would help avoiding bugs with translations and conversions.
(so a color should internally be referenced by its unique id not by its name! we also have hacks in place to avoid setting the name of styles to an empty string... and so on...).

getStyle and getType are good ideas... but not sure if the effort is worth for adding them into the current scripter...

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