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0000583ScribusGeneralpublic2004-08-25 23:22
Reporterufechner Assigned Tofschmid  
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Summary0000583: if I try to change the level of a group, only the level of one object is changed
DescriptionIf I have a group of objects, e.g. a table selected, and use the "level up" "level down" "to front" "to back" buttons of the properties palette, this influences only one object (cell), but not the complete group (table).
Additional InformationAfter using any of these actions, the one cell is selected. Before you can't even tell, which cell the program will choose to move.
scribus cvs from 03. may 2004.
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2004-05-03 00:08

reporter   ~0001326

These actions can work, even if all the objects/cells are on a different level.
Only the actions "to front" and "to back" would move them to the same level.


2004-06-17 21:25

administrator   ~0001770

Franz, this needs to be looked at soon. It affects things like imported SVGs etc that are massive groups of objects. You can have an SVG selected and press the Raise button and only one of the objects in the group will raise, destroying the imported SVG.


2004-08-25 23:22

administrator   ~0002251

Tested. Fixed.

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