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Summary0005899: smart guides
DescriptionSmart guides is a very useful feature. Basically, smart guides pop up and help aligning object to their centers and sides without opening Align'n'Distribute dialog.

Here is a good description of what other apps do with regards to smart guides:

And here is what could be done too:
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2008-03-30 08:25

reporter   ~0019324

I use "repères" as vertical and horizontal guides to place objects and align.
But i miss a tool when i have to do that for objects that do not respect the 90° angle. Trick used then : create a frame, rotate it to catch the same angle and then use the edge of the frame as a ruler.
Feature request : i thaught at an option to make the "measurment tool" sticky.
Then we could draw a "ruler" like when measuring, but rotate it to give it the angle needed, drag it where the angle has to be translated and use it as "repère" magnetic guide.
An independant ruler is needed because the problem occurs when you want to align a text on the content of a picture or another object that do not follow the frame edge.


2021-07-07 14:38

reporter   ~0049182

Currently, smart guides are relative to an object, but not the page. So you won't have smart guides dynamically to aligne vertical center or horizontal center.
Here an example with QGIS and OnlyOffice.

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