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0000059ScribusGeneralpublic2004-10-01 15:02
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Summary0000059: Add in table support
DescriptionTables... something to aim for...
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2004-01-08 13:16


I would appreciate implementing table styles. This would allow fast formatting tables.


2004-03-14 22:11

administrator   ~0000748

Added first basic Support for Tables
Still missing:
- Inserting/Deleting Rows/Columns
- Resizing Rows/Columns
- Split and Join of Cells
- Correct Output of the Cell Borders to PDF and Postscript and SVG


2004-04-20 12:44

reporter   ~0001134

Last edited: 2004-04-20 12:45

Concerning the tables-problem:
In ragtime, another DTP program on Windows, they seem to use Excel-Tables
in their own program (I think it's made using dlls). I like this Idea, because you can calculate in those tables and import Excel sheets.
Perhaps there is the posibility to use for example KSpread or OpenOffice Calc functions in Scribus if you use their libraries?!?! Similar to OLE-Objects?
I don't know, but it would be great...

bearbeitet am: 04-20-04 14:45


2004-04-20 13:01

reporter   ~0001136

This will cause starting memory hungry

As for KCalc, this will require dependency on kdelibs and kdeoffice, just like using Gnumeric will require some gnome libs. My point is that it isn't The Right Thing :-)

But. Some time ago I noticed that OpenOffice and Gnumeric understand each other's clipboards. It might be a good idea to investigate the clipboard compatibility way :-) By chance, I was planning to have a tea time with some OpenOffice developers tonight :-)


2004-04-20 13:26

administrator   ~0001139

This is a DTP program, not a word processor or a spreadsheet program.

We plan to allow import of these documents in the next development series.

We do not plan to implement features that will tie us to KDE, KOffice, OpenOffice, as Scribus can be used under Windows (with cygwin at the moment) and under Mac OS X (under Fink at the moment). Therefore, we plan import features.

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