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0006033ScribusPlug-inspublic2016-04-26 13:08
Reportercorveum Assigned Tosubik  
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Platformx86OSWindows XPOS Version2002 SP2
Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Summary0006033: Short Words not displaying Vietnamese Dong symbole
DescriptionWhen I enter the đ symbol in the short words configuration page the second key stroke which should cross the d to make it a đ causes the character to disappear from the interface. Scribus its' self displays the character correctly, but the short words editing window does not. It simply disappears.
Steps To ReproduceI am using UniKey which is available for Linux if you would care to test it yourself:
1) Open preferences and select Short Words
2) Add a section for Vietnamese and Finance
3) Enter a "space" and a đ symbol (using the VNI keypad mapping that is entered by pressing the letter 'd' followed by the # '9')
4) The d character that displayed originally now dissappears. The same is also true for the non-accented ă symbol (an accent would be for example ặ or ẵ).
5) For the ă character if I type the 3rd key stroke to get the tone symble the ă reappears but the space before the ă character disappears.
6) The same is true for the capital letters of Đ and Ă
Additional InformationThe Đ character can never have a tone so I have no way prove that it is working in the same way as the Ă character. The Ă character is a separate vowel from the other tones so both of these characters are essential for Vietnamese support.
TagsHOST-Oman, scribusctl, short words, unicode


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2007-07-26 09:31

reporter   ~0016872

I see that Mantis is also not supporting display of the Unicode characters. As you can tell from the submitted bug the UniKey keyboard driver uses HTML decimal Unicode format.


2016-04-26 13:08

updater   ~0040499

corveum, can you provide a test SLA for us ?

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