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0006058ScribusDocumentationpublic2014-01-09 08:52
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tochristoph_s  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version1.3.3.10svn 
Target Version1.5.0 
Summary0006058: Add and extend the "Guided Tour" from the Wiki to the docs
DescriptionThe "Guided Tour" is an impressing introduction to Scribus. It'd be fine to have it shipped with the next release.
Additional InformationAsk mhanski for relicencing under the Scribus documentation licence or double lincencing.
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2007-08-03 00:12

administrator   ~0016937

Reminder sent to: mhanski

Maciej, is that ok with you?


2007-08-03 17:14

developer   ~0016940

double licencing is ok with me (the Wiki version stays CC BY-SA, and the Scribus docs version gets the same licence as the rest of the docs).

it would be fine, if any possible extensions could flow back into the Wiki under CC BY-SA licence, but there is no such proviso, just wishful thinking:)


2013-06-01 04:53

administrator   ~0030211

Maciej, Peter, given the growing size of the source code, the included assets, as well as the growth of the docs, I'd prefer an updated version for the upcoming Scribus 1.6 on the web, using all the HTML 5 goodness, as well as a PDF brochure along the lines that I planned for 1.4.0 but was unable to complete due to my health problems.

To let me phrase it differently, the "Guided Tour" is an advertising tool, whereas the Online Help needs to focus on those who have already downloaded and installed Scribus.

What do you think?


2013-06-12 05:23

administrator   ~0030270

gpittman, what do you think? Closing or adding to a to-do list for 1.6?


2013-06-12 13:41

developer   ~0030271

There are some good things about this in that the pages show some advanced usage examples. But these are not how-to pages, and only offer additional info and links. Some things are dated, and there could be more helpful information included.
I would tend to favor keeping this on the wiki, but improving and updating, BUT also offer a link in the online manual, AND offer information about where to find explanatory information in the online manual on these wiki pages.
So a page in the online manual might have some thumbnails of one or more of the images, and the link to the wiki.


2013-06-12 13:43

developer   ~0030272

I would add that I think the starting point should be updating these wiki pages.


2013-06-24 05:30

administrator   ~0030337

I managed to save the draft for the planned brochure from my dying hard drive, including all graphics files. What about using the "Guided Tour" as a template for a real and downloadable PDF brochure of 0000036:0000010 pages?

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