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0006069ScribusOS-Win32public2014-07-21 06:13
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OSWindowsOS VersionXP 
Product Version1.3.4 
Summary0006069: Respect HOME variable or allow customisation of preference location
DescriptionIn 1.3.3.x Scribus preferences were stored in QDir::homeDirPath()+"/.scribus".
In 1.3.4 they moved to the Windows special folder %APPDATA%+"/Scribus".

QDir::homeDirPath() used $HOME if it was defined, also on Windows.
The new code (in ScPaths::getApplicationDataDir) does not.
This means that the preferences location cannot be customised (apart from redefining the whole %USERDIR%, including a lot of junk).

I strongly prefer using $HOME when defined (and using ".scribus" instead of "Scribus") but I know that the new behaviour is more Windows-idiomatic.

To allow customisation nevertheless, I suggest:
- either check for %HOME% before %APPDATA% and use it (%HOME%/.scribus) if defined
- or check for a new environment variable and use it directly (e.g. $SCRIBUSHOME which could be set to e.g. D:\whereever\.scribus)

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Additional InformationEarlier bugs related to Windows Paths:
- 0005301: Relocate preferences directory
- 0003945: correct some minor win32 specific path things
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related to 0005301 closedjghali Relocate preferences directory 
related to 0003945 closedjghali correct some minor win32 specific path things 
has duplicate 0008198 closedjghali It's impossible to change the location of the scribus user profile 



2007-08-05 19:55

administrator   ~0016949

Won't correct than in 1.3.3.x. In qt4 the priority has changed anywway and HOME is the very last on the list. Practically on Windows systems supported by scribus (ie NT based), qt4 retrieve home path using the GetUserProfileDirectoryW() function which is far better than using any environment variable where only a limite range of character is supported.


2007-08-30 04:56

reporter   ~0017216

I'm not sure I understand all this at a level high level, but somehow it would be nice if the preference location was customizable in some form... I'm not the only one, I suppose.


2014-07-21 06:13

updater   ~0032878

(7 years later) jghali, what's the verdict on this?

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