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0006207ScribusUsabilitypublic2008-02-08 13:34
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Summary0006207: feature request: clicks
DescriptionI would like to see a feature as the following and as you find in every other dtp application:
in textbox:
2xclick: select word
3xclick: select whole line
4xclick: select phrase
5xclick: select paragraph
btw, scribus selects actually one single word on multiple clicks and it is impossible to navigate in a textbox (i tried to select the text in the upper left corner, but without success - it was in 1.3.4)
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duplicate of 0005685 closedchristoph_s Uniform approach to selection of text 
duplicate of 0004303 confirmed More mouse selection possibilities (triple and quad clicks) 
child of 0003157 acknowledged Metabug: Cursor placement fixes 


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