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0005685ScribusUsabilitypublic2008-02-08 13:22
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Summary0005685: Uniform approach to selection of text
DescriptionScribus needs a uniform approach to selection of text in both text frames and StoryEditor.

double click -- selects a word
shift + double click -- selects a word and a trailing space

triple click -- selects current line
shift + triple click -- selects current paragraph
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duplicate of 0004303 confirmed More mouse selection possibilities (triple and quad clicks) 
related to 0002777 closedcbradney Better Selection of Items for Copying 
has duplicate 0006207 closedchristoph_s feature request: clicks 
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2007-06-22 00:54

reporter   ~0016624

IMHO, selecting one line is never needed in typesetting. I offer the next shortcuts:

double click -- selects a word

shift + double click -- selects a word and any trailing character (dots, commas, colons, semicolons, etc...)

triple click -- selects current paragraph.

ctrl + double click -- selects text with the same attributes (size, bold, underline, italic, color, etc...) I.e. all text to left and to right from current with all the same text attributes.

ctrl + triple click -- selects all _independent_ paragraphs that have the same paragraph style (if I want to change attributes for all subheads, for example, but don't want changing attributes of style).

shift + triple click -- selects all _independent_ text that has the same character style.

ctrl + shift + select by mouse -- begin the new _independent_ selection chain.

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