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0006235ScribusGeneralpublic2016-03-28 22:54
ReporterJLuc Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows Vista (sometime XP o Me)OS Version1.3.3.9
Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0006235: bad display of character STYLE when selection is not empty
Descriptioncharacter style in property window
is not appropriate when there selection is not empty.
Steps To Reproducecopied from the IRC :

suppose i have the word boldregular
with bold in bold and regular in regular
and move the insertion carret along these letters.

Try with both an empty selection (simple insert carret) and a non empty selection (insertion carret is at the end of the selection) and see how the property palette's text pane state changes to reflect change of selection content style or insert carret place.

1) as long as the selection is empty, the text pane buttons and styles states in the property window displays the character style of the glyph that is immediately next to the right of the caret character.
That is OK (a correct possible choice).

2) alas, the behaviour is the same when the selection is not empty, and that is not OK because user expects the display to reflect the selection style.

When i select the first bold letter, then the 2 first bold letters, the 3 etc of boldregular,
then the display panel shows 'bold' style until 'bol' is selected,
but it displays regular as soon as all 'bold' letters are entirely selected.
it seems that at this point 1) applies there : PP display state of text OUTSIDE of selection, on the immediate outside right of it.

Issue is that since only bold text is selected, i expect the display to display "bold" state !
Additional Informationfrom irc
<Tsoots> yes and definitely a bug
    behaviour should change when there's a selection
    this stuff has all rewritten in 1.3.4+ so it might be fixed there already
    but feel free to submit a new bug entry for
    there's coming soon maybe we can get this one fixed before that

    oh and i tested it here too and it behaves exactly how you told

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2007-09-20 11:56

developer   ~0017334

tested on (not cvs)


2007-09-24 09:26

developer   ~0017386

same with


2008-06-24 14:37

developer   ~0019879

same with


2009-12-27 01:41

developer   ~0022998

same with 1.3.6svn

Beside : as for me, when some of the letters selected have different fonts, the "font" property should display nothing (or be grayed). Now, it display the font at the right of the caret. Confusing.


2010-03-23 21:13

developer   ~0023602

Same with 1.3.6, example :

There is a dingbat enum dot followed with helvetica text.
If only the dot is selected, the property displays the font as being Helvetica
(since Helvetica is the font on the right of the selection). Confused !


2012-09-14 23:07

developer   ~0028929

Last edited: 2013-01-01 20:52

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Same with 1.4.1 and same with today 1.5 svn : propertie displayed are not accurate when selection is not empty since they reflect the properties of the glyph at the right of the selection, and not the properties of the selected text.


2016-02-12 16:19

manager   ~0038668

Jluc, I'm having trouble understanding how to reproduce this bug. Can you retest and report how it effects current 1.4.6 and 1.5.1svn ? Thanks mate


2016-02-13 12:23

developer   ~0038696

Nothing has changed in scribus relating to this. I updated the description of the report. Can you try again to understand the issue Kunda ?


2016-03-28 21:02


BOLDregular.jpg (34,375 bytes)
BOLDregular.jpg (34,375 bytes)


2016-03-28 21:27


middle of text.jpg (27,932 bytes)
middle of text.jpg (27,932 bytes)


2016-03-28 22:22

developer   ~0039481

So it happens the bug only happens when selection is done from left to right and *with the keyboard* (not the mouse)...

i confirm it's now fixed


2016-03-28 22:54

manager   ~0039482

Nice. Love seeing 9 year old bugs be closed.
jghali committed fix in 21132
and thanks to jluc's follow-up tenacity

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