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0006243ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-03-29 20:12
Reportermarkus Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformpcOSubuntuOS Version7.04
Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Summary0006243: paste problems
Descriptioni copy-and-pasted some text into an empty text frame - worked.
formatted it, then wanted to add some more text by copy-and-pasting it from openoffice (like before) but only 4 and a half lines appeared. deleted them, copied again, pasted again, the same. copied some other text, pasted it into the frame, the 4 old lines still appear.
tried it again today, same problem.
Steps To Reproduceinsert text frame
insert text via c&p
insert more text
Additional Informationi also linked this text with another text frame, don't know if that has got anything to do with that.
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2008-02-05 22:12

administrator   ~0018825

Can you test again with or, please?


2010-02-24 08:40

developer   ~0023371

With 1.5 I also have problems with copying text from OO. It is working with Text Editor, but only if I copy text in OO after invoking TE. If not (first copy, next invoking TE) there is any text to pasting.


2010-02-24 10:13

administrator   ~0023372

Seems to work ok on Windows. I can open, copy some text, then only open Scribus and paste text directly in a text frame.


2010-02-24 15:01

reporter   ~0023373

The problem could also be the kde application klipper.
I already noticed that sometimes clipper loses its content.


2014-09-18 19:04

updater   ~0033742

Can someone reproduce this ?


2015-03-27 11:31

updater   ~0034767

Can't recreate on OSX 10.9.5 r19952 Qt5.4


2015-03-28 11:30

developer   ~0034780

I dont seem to reproduce with 1.5 on Ubuntu.

Can sbd mention the exact detailed steps to reproduce the issue ?


2015-03-28 11:33

updater   ~0034781

Thanks jluc, agreed but since this is an old bug it most likely is fixed and OP hasn't responded. Resolving for now.


2015-03-29 20:12

updater   ~0034785

Closing since unable to reproduce and OP has not responded.

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