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0006273ScribusGeneralpublic2008-02-05 21:21
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Summary0006273: Support for any XML dialect (like Dita or DocBook) and there Schema or DTD
DescriptionIt would be great, if Scribus would support XML-based structured authoring with template-based publishing.
This means that I (as technical communicator) can asign a paragraph style (for xml block elements) or a charackter style (xml inline elements) to xml elements having regard to an actually loaded dtd or schema.
An example:
I write the text 'This is the Introduction'.
Then I choose a adequate XML element from a toolbar or something and my text 'this is the Introduction' becomes a asigned style. But the toolbar is only allowed to show that elements that are allowed in the actual context of the dtd or schema.
This would be so cool, because at this point, Scribus would become better than Adobe's structured FrameMaker and it's ugly usability in examination to the needs of technical communicators.
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