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0006330ScribusPrintingpublic2008-07-07 21:36
Reporterjoe linux Assigned To 
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PlatformPentium IIIOSLinuxOS VersionOpen Suse 10.2
Product Version1.3.4 
Summary0006330: Only and always prints solid black page
DescriptionAnything I try to print from Scribus results in a solid border to border black page from my Brother HL-2070N printer.
No problems printing from same machine to same printer using Acrobat, Open Office,Thunderbird, or Firefox.
Did not have this problem with Suse 9.0 and earlier Scribus versions.
CUPS printer.

This is very expensive to troubleshoot. Only Scribus has this problem -but not until Linux 10.2. Earlier versions of Scribus have this same problem with Suse 10.2 on my machine.

I see no one else with this problem. What do i need to do with Scribus printer settings
Steps To ReproduceInsert a text box in Scribus. Get any text file. Select print. Get one solid toner filled page.
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2007-10-06 22:06

administrator   ~0017546

Using plain 'lpr' as an alternate print command might help.

If not, the only other workaround is to export PDF and print from there.


2007-11-23 18:23

reporter   ~0017993

I have the same problem but with -

ubuntu 7.10 and an epson R220 printer.

I have removed and re-installed scribus but some of the config was retained. i kinda suspect some sort of config issue.

Sometimes the print preview is OK and sometimes just black, but it always prints just black

The PDF export work-around from avox works for me and I guess from this that it is a known issue?


2008-06-13 18:54

reporter   ~0019848

Same problem with Scribus - Ubuntu 8.4 - Canon iP5000

Printed page completely black.
Works correctly with lpr as alternate printer.


2008-07-07 21:36

reporter   ~0019937

I see the same problem.
Any output to a specific printer produces a full black page. Print preview is OK.
'lpr' gives OK output, but colours are not quite right.
Output to postscript file and print from there using Evince works OK.
I use Ubuntu 8,04, Epson Stylus C67.

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