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0006477ScribusCanvaspublic2016-11-17 11:26
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version7.10
Product Version1.3.3.10svn 
Summary0006477: Canvas refresh is very slow
DescriptionA few months ago I switched to Ubuntu (I have
the latest version, 7.10 / Gutsy). And I have
Scribus v. (it came from Debian
Scribus repositories).

The problem I have is that screen refreshing is very slow, just like in the old days of Scribus. It takes well over a second for a page to get repainted. This is quite seriously impeding my work with the program. BTW, this happens even if I have only a single page with two columns of text on it.

Is this a known issue? Would it be related to the fact that Ubuntu is
GNOME-based? Are you aware of any settings I may play with to make Scribus repaint faster?
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duplicate of 0001036 confirmed Severe performance problem on documents with very large number of linked frames 
related to 0006509 closed Pasting text in Story Editor is very slow 



2007-11-12 23:19

administrator   ~0017907

This doesnt sound like any Scribus related issue given the number of pages you are talking about if you have had better performance on this same machine.


2007-11-13 03:43

reporter   ~0017908

Last edited: 2007-11-13 03:44

Yes I did have better performance but with earlier versions (1.2.x). And my machine is generally fairly decent, I upgraded the memory over the summer, and the processor is a P4 2GHz. No other apps are sluggish.

I posted here hoping that maybe someone else had a similar problem. Or that there is a config switch of some kind somewhere...

The other thing I find confusing are the versions: why the only Debian package available is a "cvs" (i.e. development) version? Is there a "stable" binary release for Ubuntu? Should I try building from the latest stable sources?


2007-11-27 18:56

reporter   ~0018019

Slow refresh seems to be related to text rendering. Pages without text experience no slowdown, on pages with text everything works slower, even object selection.


2008-10-27 00:49

administrator   ~0020542

Basically a duplicate of 0001036

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