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0000654ScribusGeneralpublic2005-06-30 06:29
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PlatformIntel Celeron 1.4 GHzOSLinux DebianOS Versionwoody
Product Version1.3 
Summary0000654: creation of new file when dragging textframe
Descriptionit would be a nice feature if you can drag a textframe from an opened scribus file to the scribus main window and then a new file will be created with the dragged textframe
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related to 0002161 acknowledged Re-examine copy/paste and drag & drop 



2005-06-30 06:29

reporter   ~0005256

I'm not really sure I understand the appeal of this one. Can you explain what you view it as useful for?

I *do* think it'd be useful to be able to create a new file with a precreated text frame by dropping a text file onto the main window, though. If we support that, we may as well support dropping an existing PageItem too.

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