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Summary0006553: Add some options for the Edit (or context) menu "edit image"
DescriptionIt would be nice to open a sub menu or something like that to choose what software will open/edit the image : one for bitmap, one for scalable picture, one for retouching photo...
(I personaly would like to choose between Krita, Xara and Lightzone, but for some other, it could be technical drawing or i don't know what)
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2007-12-06 21:22

reporter   ~0018206


Open in a raster editor ---> Gimp, Photoshop, Xara...
Open in a tuning editor ---> (digital camera software) to colorize and correct image
Open in a pdf viewer ---> Acrobat
Browse the folder of this image
Browse Scribus' documents folder


2015-11-15 07:25

manager   ~0037489

the ticket is rather old and does not take into consideration that the
menus have been reworked and now we have already one level of submenus
to get into the "Edit Image...".
i don't think that one more level is a good idea.

also, i think that most users will use only one editor for all the

but the suggestion is interesting and might be worth to be implemented!
my proposal is to allow multiple entries to be defied in the
preferences > external tools and change the menu entry to be
dynamically inserted and to contain the name (the basename, without the
path) of the application to be used.

In the default case we would then have one single entry saying

"Edit Image with gimp..." (we could have a filter to correctly
capitalize well known programs)

If you have Krita as a second entry:

Edit Image with gimp...
Edit Image with krita...

persoanlly, i think that putting the name of the program in command
will make the command more explicit and easier to grasp.

further on, i would think about removing "Image" and maybe the "..."
from the context menu entry. finally getting to:

Edit with gimp
Edit with krita

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