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0000663ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-05-10 20:46
Reportermhanski Assigned Tocbradney  
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Fixed in Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0000663: Templates: Outline palette doesn't show templates
DescriptionWhile editing templates the Outline palette doesn't show the elements of templates. Please consider switching the Outline palette contents to Templates on entering the templates dialog.
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2004-05-24 13:45

viewer   ~0001559

The page palette shows available templates, including optionally a thumbnail of the page templates. This is more usable IMO, as this is the palette where you can apply drag and drop to apply templates to a page, as well as edit or delete them.

The Outline tool is really meant for navigation and finding objects. It is a difficuly thing to code in Qt and I would not want to overload it with functions which are already available in other palettes.


2004-05-24 18:48

developer   ~0001562

Since I was referring to accessing (selecting) template _elements_ (items) from the Outline palette while editting templates, I cannot see how the Page palette can be used to do this. Therefore, the Page palette is of no use regarding the issue I've described, moreover, it cannot even be accessed once you open the template dialog.

I find the Outline palette an extremely useful tool for quickly accessing items on different pages. Selecting items from the outline palette instead of clicking on them also prevents the user from accidentally displacing the object. Template items can only be selected by clicking on them, though, and this function isn't available from any other palette.

But, of course, this is not a big thing and if the effort necessary to implement it means loosing to much time, it is only understandable, that there are more important things to do.


2004-05-27 17:09

viewer   ~0001598

Ahh - I see what you are looking for.. Yes, this would be desirable IMO.


2005-05-08 19:37

administrator   ~0004559

Fixed, by chance or by design, in 1.3.0cvs.


2005-05-10 20:46

viewer   ~0004575

tested. fixed.

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