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0000682ScribusUser Interfacepublic2015-10-19 19:12
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PlatformAMD Athlon 1000MHzOSSuse LinuxOS Version9.0
Summary0000682: possibility to name the pages of a document
Descriptionby the help of the object manager (doubleclick on them or so)
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duplicate of 0013430 new add feature to name pages 



2006-04-12 09:23

developer   ~0009834

why is this needed?


2006-04-12 10:01

developer   ~0009837

you are asking was two years ago when i filed this :)

you can name objects, why not name pages for clearity like "contents","ads","Chapter1" and so on.


2006-04-12 10:16

developer   ~0009841

> you are asking was two years ago when i filed this :)

I know, I've been reviewing these old things for the last few days:)

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