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0006851ScribusStylespublic2010-06-09 13:56
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Summary0006851: Feature Request:: easy way to add subtitle indexing in Table of Contents
DescriptionCurrently you create a TOC and assign it an Item Attribute Name. Then you set the Page # Placement & Paragraph Style for that TOC.

Instead, allow each TOC have more than one Item Attribute Name. AND assign Page # placement & P Style to each Item Attribute.

Now you can easily create subtitles in the TOC index by defining more than one item attribute AND set a different Style to distinguish them in the TOC.
Steps To Reproduce* Create 2 Paragraph styles: TOC_title_style & TOC_subtitle_style
* Open Document Setup and create 2 item attributes: TOC_title, TOC_subtitle.
* Go to Table of Contents and create a TOC.
* For the TOC select 2 attributes: TOC_title & TOC_subtitle.
* For TOC_title select P Style - TOC_title_style
* For TOC_subtitle select P Style - TOC_subtitle_style
* create Titles and sub-titles in your document and assign them appropriate attributes.
* Generate Table of Contents
Additional InformationThis mod would integrate easily in to your existing functionality. Items would automatically be placed in the proper order based on where they are in the document so you don't have to do any ismemberof stuff or handle what is under what to create the index correctly. The differing styles would allow the user to automatically define the difference in look between the two.
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has duplicate 0006852 feedback Feature Request:: easy way to manage and generate Table of Contents 



2008-03-14 20:56

reporter   ~0019185

Another VERY useful addition would be to add automatic annotations ("create annotations") as another option for each attribute, along with Page placement and P Style. It would just annotate by default the location each item is found across the entire line of text (Value plus fill plus page #) added to the TOC.

This would autogenerate the linking to titles and subtitles without having to manually go through all of that. AND it would automatically update the annotations should the title location change after editing.


2009-03-16 09:10

reporter   ~0021335

It's said this has a duplicate under 0006852... but reading this one it apparantly hasn't.

A year has passed and nothing happened... however if this feature would be would help a lot of people creating manuals and tutorials...

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