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0007070ScribusStylespublic2014-07-16 23:30
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Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0007070: Strange Alignment justified
DescriptionI created a frame Text with some text.
In the propertie window (F2), i selected Text justify, intermot (75%-95%), interlettrage (90%-100%).

Then for Form, i selected 2.5mm (margins intérior), and 5mm for right margin.
=> see the screenshot.

The right of the frame is not justify correctly.
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has duplicate 0007626 closedjghali uneven alignment of right-aligned text 



2008-06-03 21:54

administrator   ~0019800

Can you please upload the sample sla file for testing?

2008-06-03 22:10


Document-1.sla (48,850 bytes)


2008-06-04 09:39

reporter   ~0019801

The problem depends on the combination of right margin and "interlettrage". It does not show up when the "interlettrage" minimum is set to 100% or above. Neither does it when the right margin is set to zero.


2014-07-08 16:24

updater   ~0032590

Not sure exactly what the issue is here (screenshot link shared by OP is 404).
I opened this on current 1.5svn (r19331) and I see this:


2014-07-16 23:30

developer   ~0032792

The file seems ok and the link provided in the report is outdated. Please try with a newer version of Scribus and report again if you have the same issue again.

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