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0007109ScribusFontspublic2008-06-26 06:46
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Summary0007109: Scribus does not support Khmer Unicode Font
DescriptionI and my team are going to translate Scribus into Khmer (The official language of Cambodia) but I have tested Scribus It does not support Khmer language yet.
When I typed Khmer in Story Editor window, it render Khmer script very well and when I apply it into Scribus window, the rendering is wrong.

Note: The Khmer script is written from left to right.

Please see the screen shot fore more detail about this.

Hope hearing from you soon!
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duplicate of 0002920 closedFahad Khmer script is rendered wrong 


2008-06-26 02:05


scribus.png (92,208 bytes)   
scribus.png (92,208 bytes)   


2008-06-26 06:46

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Duplicate of 0002920

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