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0007208ScribusReleasespublic2008-11-11 22:48
ReporterPander Assigned Tomalex  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS VersionHardy Heron
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Target Version1.3.3.13Fixed in Version1.3.3.13svn 
Summary0007208: GNOME launcher category
DescriptionThe GNOME launcher for scribus and scribus-ng should have this extra line in /usr/share/applications/scribus.desktop


Then the launcher gets added to the correct menu instead of the (usually by default hidden) "Other" category.

Probably this is part of the Ubuntu system patch on scribus, so implementing this directly in scribus will have to be communicated to Unbuntu scribus maintainers so the patch can be relaxt.
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2008-08-14 22:22

viewer   ~0020123

Reminder sent to: malex

Alex, can we fix this in our .desktop file ?


2008-08-25 18:31

administrator   ~0020163

I'll do it.


2008-09-09 08:00

reporter   ~0020219

Sorry, but IMHO the suggested Category is wrong. Much more appropriate is


see for a list of allowed categories

Another issue is that the KDE and the global desktop files are out-of-sync.


2008-11-07 07:39

reporter   ~0020627

Is this still a valid issue?

I have insalled new Ubuntu 8.10 final release and then installed a Scribus. In old version scribus was insalled in "Other" category, but on Ubuntu 8.10 it is in Graphics category. So seems to be ok?


2008-11-11 11:30

administrator   ~0020638

Fixed indeed

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