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0007244ScribusFontspublic2008-12-26 22:05
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Summary0007244: Missing some characters in Render frame (equations)
DescriptionMissing some characters in Render frame (equations). The list of missing characters is on picture below.
Add to Miscellaneous symbols characters for percent, pro mille ( % ‰ ?
I have other question. Is it possible to make a subscript or superscript but strictly above or below the text? It is important in limits, sums etc.
Steps To ReproduceInsert Render frame, edit source->relation symbols, miscellaneous symbols, math accents
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2008-08-22 21:01


Obrazovka-8.png (58,739 bytes)   
Obrazovka-8.png (58,739 bytes)   


2008-09-17 20:32

reporter   ~0020263

I added double(\iint), triple integral(\iiint) and the negated relations(\not\subset,\not\supset). The Laplace is just an uppercase greek delta(\Delta) but I added it a second time next to \nabla.
The dots should also be fixed.
However I could not find the following symbols:
- double/triple closed integral
- reverse dots
- tensor
- third time derivation

Please provide me with the latex commands for these symbols and I'll add them.

Percent is added, but I didn't include permille as this often creates problems ("! LaTeX Error: Command \textperthousand unavailable in encoding OT1.").

"Is it possible to make a subscript or superscript but strictly above or below the text? It is important in limits, sums etc." Try the command \limits:


2008-09-19 12:18

reporter   ~0020274

Super. As I found...other characters are little complicated. Usually it needs special packages (I am not any advanced latex user):

 - double/triple closed integrals \oiint{} \oiiint{} ...but it needs special packages (e.g. esint)
   other solution is write circle and over it two integrals \bigcirc \hspace{-1.4em} \int \hspace{-.8em} \int (double closed integral)
   or define a new command \newcommand{\oiint}{\bigcirc \hspace{-1.4em} \int \hspace{-.8em} \int}
   ...this solution has disadvantage; good looking horizontal space depends on font

 - reverse dots \udots, \adots or \iddots

 - tensor \overleftrightarrow{}
   there is a problem because this isn't real tensor...arrow must be reduced and lowered, but it is not the same arrow still there is a small difference

 - third time derivation \dddot{} with amsmath package

When the amsmath package is not available, tensor is character with two sided arrow above it. Third time derivation is the same...three dots above character...both with some additional reduction and adjustment of position.

Ok. With permille I don't have any idea.

Integral looks good. I thought something like \sideset{_1^2}{_3^4}\prod_a^b
It is possible add subscripts or superscripts to any character.


2008-12-26 01:09

reporter   ~0020840

The other integrals are too uncommon and complicated to use to include them. Remember this is not a fully featured LaTeX editor but just a small editor to help users.

Also the dots require non-standard packages and are therefore not included.

Tensor and \dddot{} work with common packages. I've added them.

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