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0007425ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-03-29 00:03
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Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0007425: making use of Unicode easier
Description1. It would be helpful to allow the entry of Unicode characters in the Search/Replace dialog
2. Wherever one can insert various characters, quotes, spaces, and ligatures from the Insert menu items, it would be useful to show the Unicode value, so that once you see it there, you could then just use the keyboard afterward.
3. There should be a menu item, at least in Story Editor under Edit, to select the Unicode entry, and show its shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+U).
Tagsunicode, usability


child of 0012755 new Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn) 



2008-09-25 13:26

reporter   ~0020332

I will have to check if there is a Metabug for rewriting of SE. if not, it would be nice to setup one.
For this issue, we could let the character palette a bit more active. So it could be an input device for whatever text field in Scribus.


2008-09-25 14:56

reporter   ~0020333

Upstream Bug/RFE:
Qt/X11 does not allow input of Unicode characters using Ctrl+Shift followed by the character code


2015-05-05 04:09

updater   ~0035029

Updated bug report (although closed and designated 'out of scope') is at

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