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0000075ScribusGeneralpublic2003-12-10 21:38
Reportercbradney Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000075: When updating preferences, they are not saved unless you save a document
DescriptionIf I open Scribus with default text tool size of 7pt, change default test tool size to 12pt, do a test doc but do not save, close Scribus, reopen, the default is 7pt again.
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2003-12-07 22:25

viewer   ~0000059



2003-12-07 22:27

viewer   ~0000060

Could be related to # 66


2003-12-09 08:31

administrator   ~0000063

Some Preferences Settting like the default Fontsize are bound to the Document,
to set these you should edit the Preferences without an open Document.


2003-12-09 09:13

administrator   ~0000064

If that is the case, then there should be one for the document under Document Setup, and one for Scribus under General Preferences. Anything specific to the document should but under Document Setup. Anything that is a default when Scribus is opened, or for when creating a new document, should be under General Preferences. These should then be copied to the Document Setup screen when you go New Document and then any values that are kept (or changed) here are then stored under Document Setup.


2003-12-09 23:05

administrator   ~0000066

General issue with preference saving weirdness now.. Issue with Inside/Outside measurements reported by Tsoots on IRC. Franz confirmed.


2003-12-10 21:38

administrator   ~0000068

Issue with inside/outside measurements seems to be gone. Font issue remains. Change this with no document open as per other DTP apps.

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