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0007558ScribusCanvaspublic2008-10-26 21:08
Reportermdoubez Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSWindows XPOS VersionSP3
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Fixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0007558: Assert fault when creating a Latex frame
DescriptionWhen creating a Latex frame I have an assert from QList<QString>::operator[](int i=0).

Looking int o the code, it comes from:
> setConfigFile(PrefsManager::instance()->latexConfigs()[0]);

It seems latexConfigs() is empty.

Steps To ReproduceCreate a latex frame.
Additional InformationI don't have latex installed on my computer.
This is with the debug version of the SVN.

The full trace is:
     QtCored4.dll!qt_message_output(QtMsgType msgType=QtFatalMsg, const char * buf=0x025097f0) Ligne 2098 C++
     QtCored4.dll!qFatal(const char * msg=0x6722914c, ...) Ligne 2303 + 0xe octets C++
     QtCored4.dll!qt_assert_x(const char * where=0x017bd0e8, const char * what=0x017bd06c, const char * file=0x017bc8f0, int line=395) Ligne 1880 + 0x1a octets C++
     scribus.exe!QList<QString>::operator[](int i=0) Ligne 395 + 0x5f octets C++
> scribus.exe!PageItem_LatexFrame::PageItem_LatexFrame(ScribusDoc * pa=0x04b77fa0, double x=230.00000000000000, double y=190.00000000000000, double w=142.00000000000000, double h=150.00000000000000, double w2=1.0000000000000000, QString fill={...}, QString outline={...}) Ligne 58 + 0x33 octets C++
     scribus.exe!ScribusDoc::itemAdd(const PageItem::ItemType itemType=LatexFrame, const PageItem::ItemFrameType frameType=-1, const double x=230.00000000000000, const double y=190.00000000000000, const double b=142.00000000000000, const double h=150.00000000000000, const double w=1.0000000000000000, const QString & fill={...}, const QString & outline={...}, const bool itemFinalised=true) Ligne 3460 + 0xc2 octets C++
     scribus.exe!CreateMode::doCreateNewObject() Ligne 652 + 0x62 octets C++
     scribus.exe!CreateMode::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent * m=0x0250c4b0) Ligne 386 + 0x8 octets C++
     scribus.exe!ScribusView::eventFilter(QObject * obj=0x04b21a68, QEvent * event=0x0250c4b0) Ligne 4680 + 0x1b octets C++
     QtCored4.dll!QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendThroughObjectEventFilters(QObject * receiver=0x04b21a68, QEvent * event=0x0250c4b0) Ligne 694 + 0x15 octets C++

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2008-10-24 12:05

administrator   ~0020500

The content of the Scribus/scribus/editorconfig directory from svn tree has to be installed in the install_dir/share/editorconfig directory

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