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0000076ScribusPrintingpublic2008-02-08 16:49
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Summary0000076: Issue with custom page sizes not printing.
DescriptionXmas envelopes
6.38x4.44 inches, therefore new page custom size.
create page as desired
go to print., tell it you are printing enevelope stock and custom size, out of options, click ok to print and notinh prints
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2003-12-08 01:18


envelopeTest.sla (4,515 bytes)


2003-12-08 15:53

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Will test this on the Fiery, which bypasses CUPS almost 100%. Basically it takes the raw ps direct from the spooler.

This maybe a CUPS/GS driver specific issue. I cannot print from Scribus with custom page size and custom paper on the Fiery. Kprinter is the same. It is I think an issue the way the CUPS driver calls GS. GS only has certain defined page sizes - tho lots of them.

Next test is raw PS dumps to verify PS code from Scribus is correct.

We may need to allow custom pages, but limit printing to defined paper sizes. I do not see a huge limitation to users by doing this.

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2003-12-22 22:33

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This issue is a limitation of GS and or CUPS. GS can only handle page sizes defined in With a true PS printer and a PPD loaded, custom or arbitrary paper sizes are not a problem. Needs good explanation in the docs.

Previous report of Fiery problems was a CUPS issue, fixed when upgraded. Plus new ppd file.

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