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0007609ScribusInternalpublic2015-06-29 04:12
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Summary0007609: In code: Replace constant numerical values with helpful named constants
DescriptionSee for instance annot.cpp:

        case 0:
        case 1:
            switch (ScrEdited)
                case 0:
                case 1:
                case 2:

This is a mess, because you don't know what the values 0, 1, 2, ... represent. Neither the meaning of 1 in setActionType(1) nor all the „case“.
This makes developing und understanding the code hard, specially for new programmers.

It's better to use named constants like:
Some of them are defined in scribusstructs.h, others somewhere also.
Some are defined in an enum (good), but they are however accessed via a number (bad). This breaks the code if someone adds a new value in the middle of the enum, because numbers will change.

To do: change all numerical constants into named constants (stored in enum)
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