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Summary0007644: Latex Frames: Possible error with utf8 characters
DescriptionLatex is installed and works fine in Latex frames (see screenshot 1), but if you try to insert a character outside of latin1 (IS08859-1), it stops working with "RENDER FRAME: updateImage(): "Running the external application failed!", Latex error says sth about "Command \k unavailable in encoding OT1." (see screenshot 2).

I'm also attaching a Polish sample text to play with while testing latex frames.
Additional InformationI'm very impressed by render frames, this one could be a killer feature of Scribus:)
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2008-12-08 23:40


render_frame_latex_correct.png (82,034 bytes)   
render_frame_latex_correct.png (82,034 bytes)   

2008-12-08 23:40


latex_frame_error.png (67,002 bytes)   
latex_frame_error.png (67,002 bytes)   

2008-12-08 23:41


polish_sample_text_utf8.txt (24 bytes)   
łąka łódź Wałęsa 


2008-12-09 00:00

administrator   ~0020746

Last edited: 2008-12-09 00:01

Encoding selection is in no way automatic in latex. You generally have to explicitly specify which encoding your latex source is using. Eg:


2008-12-09 00:38

developer   ~0020747

I'd tried before using \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} under "Font/Headers", and I tried using your usepackage statements, but it won't work. Neither with \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}.

I'm attaching a scribus document containing a one-word latex frame , could you try to get it working?

2008-12-09 00:39


latexframe_test.sla (11,288 bytes)


2008-12-09 01:14

administrator   ~0020748

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} placed under "Font/Headers" should be enough to get most of the characters working, i do not even need that additional package here, but that depends much of the latex distro used. I managed to output some cyrillic characters too. Looks more like a basic problem of latex use than anything.


2008-12-09 01:31

administrator   ~0020749

Sample of latex code that works (to run without preamble):

Polish: ? ?


2008-12-09 07:00

developer   ~0020750

I've tried the last latex sample (without preamble), it works with latin1, but as soon as I enter a Polish word (see the attached Polish text sample), I get the "Running the external application failed!" error.

Could you check if the sample latext code works for you with current svn135?

2008-12-09 08:06


latexframe_test_2.sla (11,386 bytes)


2008-12-09 08:11

administrator   ~0020751

I attached a sample of polish text which works perfectly here. As i said the problem appears only when specific characters are used. That's why I wrote that issue looks more like a basic problem of latex use than anything.


2008-12-09 20:59

developer   ~0020752

Last edited: 2008-12-09 21:03

the latex code with one polish word w/o preamble from your scribus document worked on my system too (the preview wasn't ok, but it didn't at least end with an error). But you are right, as soon, as I use other polish characters like aogonek 0x0105 it stops working.

Please do not close yet, I'm going to seek assistance among non-latin1 Scribus users on the mailing list.

BTW, see the error I get on loading your document -- is the path to the latex config file really meant to be stored within the scribus document?

2008-12-09 20:59



2008-12-09 21:19

administrator   ~0020753

I think you should better look for assistance amongst non-latin1 *latex* users! After having read some page about latex encoding handling, it looks like it's far from easy as users may have to change some font encoding parameters too.

2008-12-14 23:10


2008-12-14 23:12



2008-12-14 23:28

developer   ~0020784

I've found someone with both Scribus 1.3.5 _and_ LaTeX experience:)


1. Enter this latex code into Font/Headers tab of a LaTex frame, the option "MeX" can be omitted:



2. This sample should work without preamble:


enter some weird Polish characters here

Tested, works, see the attached screenshot and sample Scribus doc. Please don't close yet, since I'd like to wait for verification (there was something about package babel not working).


2008-12-14 23:40

administrator   ~0020785

Babel is not related to scribus. If it's not working for you, this is a latex distro problem, not a scribus problem.


2008-12-15 16:43

developer   ~0020790

verified, closing. Jean and Mariusz, thank you for your patience, all hints will go into this article:


2008-12-15 17:32

developer   ~0020791


btw, jghali, could you send a new mantis password to mslonina (the user monitoring this issue)?
He lost his mantis account data.

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