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0007704ScribusScripterpublic2015-11-23 20:05
ReporteraliB Assigned ToKunda  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformDell Inspiron 9400OSSuSEOS Version10.3
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0007704: Unhandled exceptions in script may cause freeze
Descriptionshape1 = createRect(self.marginl, self.margint+5, self.width, 30, monthName)
setFillColor("White", shape1)
setFillTransparency(30, shape1)

Execute these lines and scribus never comes back
Uncomment setFillTransparency and everything is just fine.
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related to 0012627 confirmed [OSX] calendarWizard leads to an endless loop 
related to 0008634 assignedcbradney [OSX] calendarwizard script language and date selection menu problems 



2009-01-04 22:30

administrator   ~0020869

Cannot reproduce a crash, just a cursor display issue. Otherwise transparency must be between 0.0 and 1.0


2009-01-09 21:44

administrator   ~0020900

if ((w < 0.0) || (w > 1.0))
    PyErr_SetString(PyExc_ValueError, QObject::tr("Transparency out of bounds, must be 0 <= transparency <= 1.","python error").toLocal8Bit().constData());
    return NULL;

The code checks for the bounds.. so is there another way to produce this?


2009-01-18 08:06

manager   ~0020932

cannot reproduce it too.

setFillTransparency works without any freeze and/or cursor issue.

 aliB : can you test it with fresh svn, please?


2009-01-27 12:11

manager   ~0021008

aliB, can you retest it, please?


2009-01-27 21:38

reporter   ~0021014

Ok, I found the time to make some more tests.
Scribus only freezes when you call the script using the menu "execute script"
But then it freezes with every wrong call of a function. (e.g setFillATypoXY(10,Image) )

Tested with build C-C-T-F-C1.8.0 from 17.01.09


2009-01-28 08:12

manager   ~0021017

this is strange.
I'm running this script (from console to see printouts):

from scribus import *

print 'step 1'
shape1 = createRect(100, 100, 100, 30, 'frame1')
print 'step 2'
setFillColor("White", shape1)
print 'step 3'
setFillTransparency(30, shape1)
print 'step 4'

There is no freeze at all. Just the correct error message in scribus popup dialog:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 8, in <module>
  File "/home/subzero/scribus/", line 8, in <module>
    setFillTransparency(30, shape1)
ValueError: Transparency out of bounds, must be 0 <= transparency <= 1.

It must be something else.
Can you run it with debugger and/or strace, please?
What is Python version in suse 10.3? And what is Qt version?


2009-01-28 08:13

manager   ~0021018

BTW can you run something in Python console?
And can you run any of "Scribus Scripts" (font sampler, calendar wizard...)


2009-01-28 18:47

reporter   ~0021035

I'll try to write and upload a samplescript this weekend.
All Scribus Scripts work well.

2009-01-30 20:54 (21,523 bytes)   
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

""" This is a simple 'Calendar creation wizard' for Scribus. It's a fully
rewritten from Scribus examples. Enjoy.

This script needs Tkinter. It will create a GUI with available options
for easy calendar page creation. You'll get new pages with calendar
tables into a new document you are asked for. Position of the
objects in page is calculated with the "golden-ratio" aspect from the
page margins.

Steps to create:
    1) Fill requested values in the Calendar dialog
    2) You will be prompted for new document
    3) You will be prompted for new paragraph style which will be used
       in calendar text frames. It could be changed later.

There are 2 types of calender supported:
    1) Classic calendar with one month matrix per page. I suggest
       here PORTRAIT orientation.
    2) Event calendar with one week per page with huge place for
       human inputs. There should be LANDSCAPE imho.

But everything works with both orientations well of course too.

    Petr Vanek <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


import sys
import calendar
import datetime

    from scribus import *
except ImportError:
    print "This Python script is written for the Scribus scripting interface."
    print "It can only be run from within Scribus."

    # I wish PyQt installed everywhere :-/
    from Tkinter import *
    from tkFont import Font
except ImportError:
    print "This script requires Python's Tkinter properly installed."
    messageBox('Script failed',
               'This script requires Python\'s Tkinter properly installed.',

localization = {
'Catalan' :
    [['Gener', 'Febrer', 'Març', 'Abril', 'Maig',
      'Juny', 'Juliol', 'Agost', 'Setembre',
      'Octubre', 'Novembre', 'Desembre'],
     ['Dilluns', 'Dimarts', 'Dimecres', 'Dijous', 'Divendres', 'Dissabte', 'Diumenge']],
'Catalan-short' :
    [['Gener', 'Febrer', 'Març', 'Abril', 'Maig',
      'Juny', 'Juliol', 'Agost', 'Setembre',
      'Octubre', 'Novembre', 'Desembre'],
     ['Dl', 'Dm', 'Dc', 'Dj', 'Dv', 'Ds', 'Dg']],
# Catalan by "Cesc Morata" <>
'Czech' :
    [['Leden', 'Únor', 'Březen', 'Duben', 'Květen',
        'Červen', 'Červenec', 'Srpen', 'Září',
        'Říjen', 'Listopad', 'Prosinec'],
     ['Pondělí','Úterý','Středa','Čtvrtek','Pátek','Sobota', 'Neděle']],
'Czech-short' :
    [['Leden', 'Únor', 'Březen', 'Duben', 'Květen',
        'Červen', 'Červenec', 'Srpen', 'Září',
        'Říjen', 'Listopad', 'Prosinec'],
     ['Po', 'Út', 'St', 'Čt', 'Pá', 'So', 'Ne']],
'Dutch' :
    [['Januari', 'Februari', 'Maart', 'April',
      'Mei', 'Juni', 'Juli', 'Augustus', 'September',
      'Oktober', 'November', 'December'],
     ['Maandag','Dinsdag','Woensdag','Donderdag','Vrijdag','Zaterdag', 'Zondag']],
# Dutch by "Christoph Schäfer" <>
'English' :
    [['January', 'February', 'March', 'April',
      'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September',
      'October', 'November', 'December'],
     ['Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday', 'Sunday']],
'English-short' :
    [['January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May',
      'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October',
      'November', 'December'],
     ['Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat', 'Sun']],
'Finnish' :
    [['Tammikuu', 'Helmikuu', 'Maaliskuu', 'Huhtikuu',
      'Toukokuu', 'Kesäkuu', 'Heinäkuu', 'Elokuu', 'Syyskuu',
      'Lokakuu', 'Marraskuu', 'Joulukuu'],
     ['ma','ti','ke','to','pe','la', 'su']],
    [['Janvier', u'F\xe9vrier', 'Mars', 'Avril',
      'Mai', 'Juin', 'Juillet', u'Ao\xfbt', 'Septembre',
      'Octobre', 'Novembre', u'D\xe9cembre'],
'German' :
    [['Januar', 'Februar', u'M\xe4rz', 'April',
      'Mai', 'Juni', 'Juli', 'August', 'September',
      'Oktober', 'November', 'Dezember'],
'Italian' :
    [['Gennaio', 'Febbraio', 'Marzo', 'Aprile',
       'Maggio', 'Giugno', 'Luglio', 'Agosto', 'Settembre',
       'Ottobre', 'Novembre', 'Dicembre'],
    [u'Luned\xec', u'Marted\xec', u'Mercoled\xec', u'Gioved\exc', u'Venerd\xec', 'Sabato', 'Domenica']],
# Polish by "Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś" <>
'Polish' :
    [['Styczeń', 'Luty', 'Marzec', 'Kwiecień', 'Maj',
      'Czerwiec', 'Lipiec', 'Sierpień', 'Wrzesień',
      'Październik', 'Listopad', 'Grudzień'],
     ['Poniedziałek', 'Wtorek', 'Środa', 'Czwartek', 'Piątek', 'Sobota', 'Niedziela']],
'Portuguese' :
    [['Janeiro', 'Fevereiro', u'Mar\xe7o', 'Abril',
      'Maio', 'Junho', 'Julho', 'Agosto', 'Setembro',
      'Outubro', 'Novembro', 'Dezembro'],
     ['Segunda-feira', u'Ter\xe7a-feira', 'Quarta-feira', 'Quinta-feira', 'Sexta-feira', u'S\xe1bado', 'Domingo']],
'Russian' :
    [['Январь', 'Февраль', 'Март', 'Апрель',
      'Май', 'Июнь', 'Июль', 'Август', 'Сентябрь',
      'Октябрь', 'Ноябрь', 'Декабрь'],
     ['Понедельник','Вторник','Среда','Четверг','Пятница','Суббота', 'Воскресенье']],
'Slovak' :
    [['Január', 'Február', 'Marec', 'Apríl',
      'Máj', 'Jún', 'Júl', 'August', 'September',
      'Október', 'November', 'December'],
      ['Pondelok','Utorok','Streda','Štvrtok','Piatok','Sobota', 'Nedeľa']],
'Slovak-short' :
    [['Január', 'Február', 'Marec', 'Apríl',
      'Máj', 'Jún', 'Júl', 'August', 'September',
      'Október', 'November', 'December'],
      ['Po','Ut','St','Št','Pi','So', 'Ne']],
'Spanish' :
    [['Enero', 'Febrero', 'Marzo', 'Abril', 'Mayo',
      'Junio', 'Julio', 'Agosto', 'Septiembre',
      'Octubre', 'Noviembre', 'Diciembre'],
     ['Lunes', 'Martes', u'Mi\xe9rcoles', 'Jueves', 'Viernes', u'S\xe1bado', 'Domingo']],
'Swedish' :
    [['Januari', 'Februari','Mars', 'April','Maj', 'Juni','Juli', 'Augusti','September', 'Oktober', 'November', 'December'],
     ['Måndag', 'Tisdag','Onsdag', 'Torsdag','Fredag', 'Lördag','Söndag']]

from math import sqrt

class ScCalendar:
    """ Parent class for all calendar types """

    def __init__(self, year, months={}, dayOrder=[], firstDay=calendar.SUNDAY, drawSauce=True):
        """ Setup base things """
        # params
        self.drawSauce = drawSauce # draw supplementary image?
        self.year = year
        self.months = months
        self.dayOrder = dayOrder
        self.layerImg = 'Calendar image'
        self.layerCal = 'Calendar'
        self.pStyle = None # paragraph style
        # settings
        self.firstPage = True # create only 2nd 3rd ... pages. No 1st one.

    def setupDocVariables(self):
        """ Compute base metrics here. Page layout is bordered by margins and
        virtually divided by golden mean 'cut' in the bottom. The calendar is
        in the bottom part - top is occupied with empty image frame. """
        page = getPageSize()
        self.pagex = page[0]
        self.pagey = page[1]
        marg = getPageMargins()
        self.marginl = marg[0]
        self.marginr = marg[1]
        self.margint = marg[2]
        self.marginb = marg[3]
        self.width = self.pagex - self.marginl - self.marginr
        self.height = self.pagey - self.margint - self.marginb

    def goldenMean(self, aSize):
        """ Taken from samples/"""
        return aSize * ((sqrt(5) - 1)/2)

    def applyTextToFrame(self, aText, aFrame):
        """ Insert the text with style. """
        setText(aText, aFrame)
        setStyle(self.pStyle, aFrame)
    def createCalendar(self):
        """ Walk throudh months dict and calls monthly sheet """
        if not newDocDialog():
            return 'Create a new document first, please'
        self.pStyle = newStyleDialog()
        if  self.pStyle == None:
            return 'Create a default paragraph style, please'
        originalUnit = getUnit()
        if self.drawSauce:
        run = 0
        for i in self.months:
            run += 1
        return None

    def createLayout(self):
        """ Create the page and optional bells and whistless around """
        if self.drawSauce:

    def createPage(self):
        """ Wrapper to the new page with layers """
        if self.firstPage:
            self.firstPage = False

class ScEventCalendar(ScCalendar):
    """ One day = one row calendar. I suggest LANDSCAPE orientation.\
        One week per page."""

    def __init__(self, year, months = {}, dayOrder = [], firstDay = calendar.SUNDAY, drawSauce=True):
        ScCalendar.__init__(self, year, months, dayOrder, firstDay, drawSauce)

    def setupDocVariables(self):
        """ Compute base metrics here. Page layout is bordered by margins and
        virtually divided by golden mean 'cut' in the bottom. The calendar is
        in the bottom part - top is occupied with empty image frame. """
        # gloden mean
        self.gmean = self.width - self.goldenMean(self.width) + self.marginl
        # calendar size = gmean
        # rows and cols
        self.rowSize = self.height / 8

    def createMonthCalendar(self, month):
        cal = calendar.monthcalendar(self.year, month + 1)
        for i in cal:
            rowCnt = 1
            for j in i: # days
                cel = createText(self.gmean + self.marginl,
                                 self.margint + rowCnt * self.rowSize,
                                 self.width - self.gmean, self.rowSize)
		rowCnt += 1
                if j != 0:
                    self.applyTextToFrame(str(j), cel)

    def createHeader(self, monthName):
        cel = createText(self.gmean + self.marginl, self.margint,
                            self.width - self.gmean, self.rowSize)
        self.applyTextToFrame(monthName, cel)

    def createImage(self):
        """ Wrapper for everytime-the-same image frame. """
        if self.drawSauce:
            createImage(self.marginl, self.margint, self.gmean, self.height)

class ScClassicCalendar(ScCalendar):
    """ Calendar matrix creator itself. I suggest PORTRAIT orientation.
        One month per page."""

    def __init__(self, year, months = {}, dayOrder = [], firstDay = calendar.SUNDAY, drawSauce=True):
        ScCalendar.__init__(self, year, months, dayOrder, firstDay, drawSauce)

    def setupDocVariables(self):
        """ Compute base metrics here. Page layout is bordered by margins and
        virtually divided by golden mean 'cut' in the bottom. The calendar is
        in the bottom part - top is occupied with empty image frame. """
        # gloden mean
        self.gmean = self.height - self.goldenMean(self.height) + self.margint
        # calendar size
        self.calHeight = self.height - self.gmean + self.margint
        # rows and cols
        self.rowSize = self.gmean / 8
        self.colSize = self.width / 7

    def createMonthCalendar(self, month):
        """ Draw one month calendar per page """
        cal = calendar.monthcalendar(self.year, month + 1)
        # weeks
        rowCnt = 2
        for i in cal:
            colCnt = 0
            for j in i: # days
                cel = createText(self.marginl + colCnt * self.colSize,
                                 self.calHeight + rowCnt * self.rowSize,
                                 self.colSize, self.rowSize)
                setFillTransparancy(0.5, cel)
		colCnt += 1
                if j != 0:
                    self.applyTextToFrame(str(j), cel)
            rowCnt += 1

    def createHeader(self, monthName):
        """ Draw calendar header. Month name and days of the week """
        header = createText(self.marginl, self.calHeight, self.width, self.rowSize)
        self.applyTextToFrame(monthName, header)
        colCnt = 0
        for i in self.dayOrder:
            cel = createText(self.marginl + colCnt * self.colSize,
                             self.calHeight + self.rowSize,
                             self.colSize, self.rowSize)
            self.applyTextToFrame(i, cel)
            colCnt += 1

    def createImage(self):
        """ Wrapper for everytime-the-same image frame. """
        if self.drawSauce:
            createImage(self.marginl, self.margint,
                        self.width, self.calHeight - self.margint)

class TkCalendar(Frame):
    """ GUI interface for Scribus calendar wizard.
        It's ugly and very simple. I can say I hate Tkinter :-/"""

    def __init__(self, master=None):
        """ Setup the dialog """
        # refernce to the localization dictionary
        self.key = 'English'
        Frame.__init__(self, master)
        self.master.resizable(0, 0)
        self.master.title('Scribus Calendar Wizard')
        #define widgets
        self.statusVar = StringVar()
        self.statusLabel = Label(self, textvariable=self.statusVar)
        self.statusVar.set('Select Options and Values')
        # langs
        # change the height = to match number of langs.
        self.langLabel = Label(self, text='Select language:')

        self.langFrame = Frame(self)
        self.langScrollbar = Scrollbar(self.langFrame)
        self.langScrollbar.pack(fill=Y, side=RIGHT)
        self.langListbox = Listbox(self.langFrame, selectmode=SINGLE, height=10, yscrollcommand=self.langScrollbar.set)

        keys = localization.keys()
        for i in keys:
            self.langListbox.insert(END, i)
        self.langButton = Button(self, text='Change language', command=self.languageChange)
        # calendar type
        self.typeLabel = Label(self, text='Calendar type')
        self.typeVar = IntVar()
        self.typeClRadio = Radiobutton(self, text='Classic', variable=self.typeVar, value=0)
        self.typeEvRadio = Radiobutton(self, text='Event', variable=self.typeVar, value=1)
        # start of week
        self.weekStartsLabel = Label(self, text='Week begins with:')
        self.weekVar = IntVar()
        self.weekMondayRadio = Radiobutton(self, text='Mon', variable=self.weekVar, value=calendar.MONDAY)
        self.weekSundayRadio = Radiobutton(self, text='Sun', variable=self.weekVar, value=calendar.SUNDAY)
        # year
        self.yearLabel = Label(self, text='Year:')
        self.yearVar = StringVar()
        self.yearEntry = Entry(self, textvariable=self.yearVar, width=4)
        self.wholeYearLabel = Label(self, text='Whole year:')
        self.wholeYear = IntVar()
        self.wholeYearCheck = Checkbutton(self, command=self.setWholeYear, variable=self.wholeYear)
        # months
        self.monthLabel = Label(self, text='Months:')
        self.monthListbox = Listbox(self, selectmode=MULTIPLE, height=12)
        # layout stuff
        self.imageLabel = Label(self, text='Draw Image Frame:')
        self.imageVar = IntVar()
        self.imageCheck = Checkbutton(self, variable=self.imageVar)
        # closing/running
        self.okButton = Button(self, text="OK", width=6, command=self.okButonn_pressed)
        self.cancelButton = Button(self, text="Cancel", command=self.quit)
        # setup values
        self.yearVar.set(str(, 1, 1).today().year))
        # make layout
        self.columnconfigure(0, pad=6)
        currRow = 0
        self.statusLabel.grid(column=0, row=currRow, columnspan=4)
        currRow += 1
        self.langLabel.grid(column=0, row=currRow, sticky=W)
        self.monthLabel.grid(column=3, row=currRow, sticky=W)
        currRow += 1
        self.langFrame.grid(column=0, row=currRow, rowspan=6, sticky=N)
        self.typeLabel.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=E)
        self.typeClRadio.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=W)
        self.monthListbox.grid(column=3, row=currRow, rowspan=8)
        currRow += 1
        self.typeEvRadio.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=W)
        currRow += 1
        self.weekStartsLabel.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=N+E)
        self.weekMondayRadio.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=N+W)
        currRow += 1
        self.weekSundayRadio.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=N+W)
        currRow += 1
        self.yearLabel.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=N+E)
        self.yearEntry.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=N+W)
        currRow += 1
        self.wholeYearLabel.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=N+E)
        self.wholeYearCheck.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=N+W)
        currRow += 1
        self.imageLabel.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=N+E)
        self.imageCheck.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=N+W)
        self.langButton.grid(column=0, row=currRow)
        currRow += 3
        self.rowconfigure(currRow, pad=6)
        self.okButton.grid(column=1, row=currRow, sticky=E)
        self.cancelButton.grid(column=2, row=currRow, sticky=W)
        # fill the values

    def languageChange(self, lang='English'):
        """ Called by Change button. Get language list value and
            call real re-filling. """
        ix = self.langListbox.curselection()
        if len(ix)==0:
            self.statusVar.set('Select a language, please')

    def realLangChange(self, lang='English'):
        """ Real widget setup. Ot takes values from localization dictionary.
        [0] = months, [1] Days """
        self.key = lang
        self.monthListbox.delete(0, END)
        for i in localization[lang][0]:
            self.monthListbox.insert(END, i)

    def setWholeYear(self):
        """ All/none months selection. It's called after "Whole year" check button
        click. """
        if self.wholeYear.get() == 1:
            self.monthListbox.selection_set(0, END)
            self.monthListbox.selection_clear(0, END)

    def okButonn_pressed(self):
        """ User variables testing and preparing """
        # year
            year = self.yearVar.get().strip()
            if len(year) != 4:
                raise ValueError
            year = int(year, 10)
        except ValueError:
            self.statusVar.set('Year must be in the "YYYY" format e.g. 2005.')
        # months
        selMonths = self.monthListbox.curselection()
        if len(selMonths) == 0:
            self.statusVar.set('At least one month must be selected.')
        months = {}
        for i in selMonths:
            months[int(i)] = self.monthListbox.get(i)
        # day order
        dayList = localization[self.key][1]
        if self.weekVar.get() == calendar.SUNDAY:
            dl = dayList[:6]
            dl.insert(0, dayList[6])
            dayList = dl
        # draw images etc.
        if self.imageVar.get() == 0:
            draw = False
            draw = True
        # create calendar (finally)
        if self.typeVar.get() == 0:
            cal = ScClassicCalendar(year, months, dayList, self.weekVar.get(), draw)
            cal = ScEventCalendar(year, months, dayList, self.weekVar.get(), draw)
        err = cal.createCalendar()
        if err != None:

    def quit(self):

def main():
    """ Application/Dialog loop with Scribus sauce around """
        statusMessage('Running script...')
        root = Tk()
        app = TkCalendar(root)
        if haveDoc():

if __name__ == '__main__':
    main() (21,523 bytes)   


2009-01-30 20:58

reporter   ~0021048

I copied the CalendarWizard script and inserted a call of setFillTransparency() with a type (setFillTranspar_a_ncy).
Run the script from Scribus using the "execute script" menu entry.
Options to set:
Classic calender
select 1 month
-> ok
make the other settings (page, style name ...) and see scribus freeze...


2009-01-30 21:05

administrator   ~0021049

Still unable to reproduce


2009-01-30 22:33

reporter   ~0021050

Starting scribus from console:
Exception in Tkinter callback
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/lib-tk/", line 1410, in __call__
    return self.func(*args)
  File "/home/aliB/", line 511, in okButonn_pressed
    err = cal.createCalendar()
  File "/home/aliB/", line 227, in createCalendar
  File "/home/aliB/", line 323, in createMonthCalendar
    setFillTransparancy(0.5, cel)
NameError: global name 'setFillTransparancy' is not defined

Maybe it is just a problem of mine if nobody can reproduce.


2009-02-01 20:10

administrator   ~0021063

I finally managed to reproduce the problem. It seems to be related to unhandled exceptions in scripts. In such case the function we use to run the script, Py_RunString, may not return without an additional Ctrl+C...


2014-09-11 22:11

updater   ~0033627

per MRB, this won't make it in to 1.5.0 release. bumping to 1.5.1


2015-11-21 15:24

developer   ~0037573

As far as I know, CalendarWizard should now be working.
I have checked it recently and found no issues on 1.5.1svn, Fedora 21.


2015-11-22 00:04

reporter   ~0037580

I have checked with the latest SUSE, Leap and there were no problems


2015-11-22 22:36

updater   ~0037593

per the responses from gpittman and owencook, I am resolving this issue.

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2009-01-04 22:30 jghali Note Added: 0020869
2009-01-09 21:44 cbradney Note Added: 0020900
2009-01-18 08:06 subik Note Added: 0020932
2009-01-27 12:11 subik Note Added: 0021008
2009-01-27 12:11 subik Status new => feedback
2009-01-27 21:38 aliB Note Added: 0021014
2009-01-28 08:12 subik Note Added: 0021017
2009-01-28 08:13 subik Note Added: 0021018
2009-01-28 18:47 aliB Note Added: 0021035
2009-01-30 20:54 aliB File Added:
2009-01-30 20:58 aliB Note Added: 0021048
2009-01-30 21:05 jghali Note Added: 0021049
2009-01-30 22:33 aliB Note Added: 0021050
2009-02-01 20:10 jghali Note Added: 0021063
2009-02-01 20:13 jghali Summary calling setFillTransparency makes scribus crash => Unhandled exceptions in script may cause freeze
2009-02-01 20:13 jghali Status feedback => confirmed
2014-09-11 02:47 Kunda Severity crash => block
2014-09-11 22:11 Kunda Note Added: 0033627
2014-09-11 22:11 Kunda Severity block => crash
2014-09-11 22:11 Kunda Target Version => 1.5.1
2014-09-11 22:34 Kunda Target Version 1.5.1 =>
2014-10-09 02:02 Kunda Relationship added related to 0012627
2014-10-09 02:03 Kunda Relationship added related to 0008634
2014-10-09 02:03 Kunda Summary Unhandled exceptions in script may cause freeze => Unhandled exceptions in script may cause freeze
2015-11-21 15:24 gpittman Note Added: 0037573
2015-11-22 00:04 owencook Note Added: 0037580
2015-11-22 22:36 Kunda Note Added: 0037593
2015-11-22 22:36 Kunda Status confirmed => resolved
2015-11-22 22:36 Kunda Resolution open => unable to reproduce
2015-11-22 22:36 Kunda Assigned To => Kunda
2015-11-23 20:05 Kunda Status resolved => closed