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Summary0007741: Provide a way to run Scribus script from PyDev in Eclipse
DescriptionProvide a way to run Scribus script from PyDev in Eclipse
Steps To Reproduce1) sudo aptget install eclipse-pydev
2) load a (working) Scribus script like
3) run or debug the script

Result is:

This Python script is written for the Scribus scripting interface.
It can only be run from within Scribus.

Scribus should allow running the script in run or debug mode via PyDev in Eclipse.
Additional InformationPerhaps a special PyDev project needs to be created that can hook into Scribus, or only a special Python script that can load the Scribus script can do the job and run of debug that inside PyDev.
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related to 0012572 closedcbradney [patch] Add a --python-script command line option to run a script and exit 



2009-01-21 13:35

reporter   ~0020949

Good news, code completion already works in PyDev.


2009-01-21 14:06

reporter   ~0020952

See also


2009-01-21 15:30

reporter   ~0020955

Starting Scribus via command line and have it automatically run a specified Scribus script will be a nice intermediate solution.


2014-09-13 15:18

updater   ~0033667

See 0012572


2014-09-15 09:38

manager   ~0033700

i have a workaround for this:

if the "scribus" api, just load a fake api that does nothing. that way you can test the algorithms in your script from the command line.

if there is interest, i can publish a more general python library for it.


2014-09-15 09:44

reporter   ~0033701

Personally I have moved away from Eclipse and Scribus for the moment.


2016-05-01 00:51

updater   ~0040661

Resolving due to lack of interest.

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