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0007778ScribusPDFpublic2024-04-11 19:15
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Summary0007778: Feature request: Ability to set the calculation order for PDF fields
DescriptionIt would be useful to be able to change the calculation order of PDF fields. The equivalent Acrobat 9.0 feature is: Forms->Add or Edit Fields, then Forms->Edit Fields->Set Field Calculation order.
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2009-02-06 21:07

reporter   ~0021079

Last edited: 2009-02-07 08:52

Hi developers, this really isn't a duplicate of 0000865 (allow changing tab order of PDF form fields). This is a request to allow changing the calculation order, not the tab order.


2024-04-11 19:15

reporter   ~0051096

Calculation order appears to be driven by the level of the fields, i.e. the highest level fields are calculated last.

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